The Forever Friends Appeal is aiming to raise £130,000 towards the redevelopment of the unit and the purchase of Patient Service Columns.

Redevelopment of the unit

The unit redevelopment will involve: redecoration throughout the unit including patient areas and adjacent work and visitor spaces; replacement of vinyl protective covering on the lower walls with a modern alternative to protect against damage; laying of new floor surface; installation of additional lighting in the main corridor to improve the environment for staff and visitors..

Patient Service Columns

The picture below illustrates the Critical Care equipment layout with patient care service columns

The Patient Care Columns will house the patient monitoring system, the bedside computer and will contain the interconnecting wires from all of the medical devices (e.g. ventilator, pumps etc.). In addition these will greatly improve the access to the patient which is fundamental to safe, modern critical care.


For further information about the Critical Care Fund and our current priorities please get in touch