A place where patients can access support and advice away from the clinical areas. Staff will not use this space whilst in uniform. There will be a communal table area and tea and coffee facilities for patients to help themselves. This area will be inspired by the environment created in the Dyson Centre for parents and the Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centres.

Quality of life is a key factor when caring for patients with cancer. The advancement of medical science in both diagnostic equipment and drug therapy options has increased the number of people living with cancer. We need to be able to help patients through the work of the Support Centre to understand the longer term effects of living with cancer – ‘Survivorship’.

Survivorship is about helping patients take greater control of their lives and self-management. It is about developing their skills and confidence to cope with living with cancer and how to deal with issues arising from it. It is providing the support mechanisms to enable them to understand and ‘manage’ their condition. Some of this is achieved in a clinical environment – managing drug therapies, diet and stress for example. Other options include providing information about the type of cancer, directing them to the right support group, and helping them to overcome anxiety, fear of a recurrence and their monitoring noticeable changes in their bodies.

Key design criteria:

  • The Patient Support Centre Built to a human scale, the areas have a homely environment, designed around the kitchen table to encourage peer support
  • High quality finishes & joinery, with the use of wood & natural materials
  • Access to the outdoors through very open, light and well landscaped gardens
  • A completely non-clinical space with no staff uniforms and without the normal hospital signs & symbols
  • Able to offer evidenced based classes that are complementary to clinical treatment, such as tai chi, pilates, yoga, stress management, advice for people losing their hair, benefits advice, creative writing, dealing with life after cancer

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The new Cancer Centre will be prominently located on the site of what is currently the 1940’s ‘RUH North and is part of a complex redevelopment.

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