A major part of our holistic approach, a dedicated and innovative Wellbeing, Information and Support Hub (WISH) within the new Cancer Centre, will be a significant and unique feature. This will provide patients and their families with the support they may need to understand the longer term effects of cancer survivorship. WISH will give access to sympathetic and practical advice with creative activities, workshops and classes. It will be fully integrated and at the heart of the new centre, creating a friendly and welcoming location that offers patients a supportive environment to address any issues they have as they progress their journey with cancer.

The WISH will be at the forefront of the new Cancer Centre and will be run in association with a national cancer charity. This will provide a space (over three floors of the building) for people with cancer, their carers and families where they feel comfortable to explore tough questions and difficult emotions that can range from anxiety, to loneliness and isolation. Patients, carers and families of those who have cancer will be able to access quality information, advice and support on all aspects of ‘living well’ with and beyond cancer, thus helping them to improve their quality of life.

The WISH will greatly enhance the experience of patients, families, carers and all people affected by cancer in terms of improving physiological and psychological outcomes. This will help patients and their families to come to terms with their diagnosis, reducing anxiety levels and enhancing compliance with treatments, which will improve the patients’ sense of control, self-management and wellbeing.

Survivorship supports patients to take greater control of their lives with self-management. It is about developing skills and confidence to cope with living with cancer and beyond, and how to deal with issues arising from it.  It will provide the support mechanisms to enable them to understand and ‘manage’ their condition.  Some of this is achieved in a clinical environment – dealing with drug therapies for example.

The WISH will provide information about the type of cancer and its treatment and about things to lookout for, to detect further problems. The hub will be able to direct patients to support or more specialised services. It will be accessible to all cancer patients and their carers from the time of diagnosis, through treatment, recovery and beyond.

Services will be available free of charge to all people affected by cancer. Patients can drop in and self-refer at any time when the WISH is open, make contact via phone, email for an appointment or be guided to the WISH by professionals as part of their cancer pathway. Professional expertise will be available to patients and their families in one-to-one sessions, workshops or supportive groups.

Key design criteria:

  •  Built to a human scale, the areas have a homely environment, designed around the kitchen table to encourage peer support.
  • High quality finish, with the use of wood and other natural materials.
  • Access to the outdoors through very open, light and well landscaped gardens.
  • Ideally a completely non-clinical space with no staff uniforms and without the normal hospital signs and symbols.
  • Able to offer or direct patients to evidenced-based classes that are complementary to clinical treatment. These will include activities such as tai chi, pilates, yoga and stress management.


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