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‘A Floydian Trip’ for Cancer Care

The Broughton Gifford Pink Floyd Tribute Act, ‘A Floydian Trip’ have presented a cheque for £1150.00 to The Forever Friends Appeal. The band chose to support the Appeal’s RUH Cancer Care Campaign – raising £8.5million towards the build of an exceptional new Cancer Centre at the Royal United hospital in Bath. The generous donations was made through ticket sales following a performance by the band at the Broughton Gifford Village Hall on Saturday 15th March 2014.

Band member Steve Meggs comments: “The group have been blown away by the level of support shown for the Appeal- nearly 200 people packed into the hall to watch the performance!”

When A Floydian Trip began, apart from the love of playing the music of Pink Floyd, the sole intention was, and still is, to raise as much money for charity as possible. Many people have been affected by cancer in Broughton Gifford village over recent years, so there was no better choice for the band’s first gig than the local RUH Cancer Care Campaign.

Steve continues: “The complex show we perform has been nearly two years in rehearsal and we are now looking forward to showcasing it again very soon. We must also thank the two other great acts who performed on the night ‘The Cat, The Fox and The Crow’ and singer songwriter ‘Sue Harding.’ In addition we must also thank John Lomas for his technical support and all those who contributed money even though they could not attend. Broughton Gifford Village Hall is a fantastic venue for live music and we will be performing there again later in the year with some new material”.

The Appeal is currently fundraising for a brand new Cancer Centre at the RUH to replace the current out-dated facilities which are over seventy years old, with a brand new state-of-the-art build fit for purpose. The new Centre will take a holistic approach that is built with the patient experience and journey in mind, reducing stress and promoting health and wellbeing.

Laura Pearce, Events Fundraiser for The Forever Friends Appeal says: “We are so thankful for the efforts of all of our wonderful supporters who hold events not only to raise funds, but help us get the word out there about the RUH Cancer Care Campaign. A Floydian Trip really know how to put on a show and get the whole community involved! A huge thank you to the band and everyone who came along to support them whilst dancing the night away.”

If you would like to contact ‘A Floydian Trip’ please e-mail afloydiantrip@gmail.com

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Mummy’s gone a bit parental…

Local mum and Funny Women National Semi Finalist, Harriet Beveridge, will be looking at the highs and lows of parenting at a charity stand up gig on 27th April at the Bath Cricket Club. The evening is in aid of the Forever Friends Appeal’s RUH Cancer Care Campaign and Maggie’s Cancer Centres. This is a sneak peak of her 2014 Edinburgh show.

Followers of www.helpfulhumour.com will know that Harriet explores everything from the best outfits for school mufti day (Tequila Shot Girl), what to bring in for Show and Tell (mummy’s police mug shot) and how to strike up conversation at a baby group (“I‘ll blow Molly’s nose when I think she’s emotionally ready. Right now I think it would be a violation of her personal power don’t you?”).  In return she hopes the audience can help her with such conundrums as is it ok to febreze a ten year old? And does seeing the Lego movie really qualify as a good night out? She will leave you crying with laughter and better still, finish early enough to keep the babysitter happy!

Harriet Beveridge has chosen to do this charity gig for a very special reason, she comments: “As my good late friend Nick so eloquently put it: When you’re affluent, successful, have a great marriage and two beautiful children, a diagnosis of terminal cancer really ruins your day. There are three things I promised to do in Nick’s memory: raise money, give blood and lastly and most importantly laugh.”

The comedy show is raising funds for two cancer-related charities; Maggie’s Centres who provide free practical, emotional and social support to those affected by cancer and The Forever Friends Appeal’s RUH Cancer Care Campaign. This campaign aims to raise a minimum of £8.5 million towards the cost of a pioneering new Cancer Centre at the Royal United Hospital in Bath. Taking a holistic approach that is designed to produce a highly beneficial healing environment for patients and their families, the new Centre with transform RUH cancer services and provide the very best care for all our cancer patients and their families.

Mummy’s gone a bit parental is not to be missed.

Sunday 27th April at Bath Cricket Club. Doors open at 7.30pm, show at 8.30pm.

Tickets are £10 plus a £1 booking fee from www.wegottickets.com/event/261959.

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Walk this way Fashion Show – Tickets on sale now

This unique catwalk event is happening on May 15th with the proceeds going to The Forever Friends Appeal Cancer Care Campaign and St John’s Hospital – come along and view wearable art by Carole Waller and contemporary designs courtesy of Blue boutique.

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Color Me Rad 5K

Colour Me Rad – Coming to Bristol 31st Aug 2014 – Sign up today for an early bird saving.

Instead of running FROM something, get ready to run FOR something at this year’s Color Me Rad. Run for the hell of it.

For more information, and to sign up visit our Colour Me Rad 5k page

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Drivers at the ready to support The Forever Friends Appeal

A charity track day at Castle Combe Circuit near Chippenham on Wednesday 2nd April 2014 is hoping to raise over £3000 for its chosen beneficiary charity, The Forever Friends Appeal at the RoyalUnitedHospital in Bath.

The track day is an exciting opportunity for drivers to experience speed in their own cars, whilst supervised by the circuit’s marshals, at one of the longest established and famous motor circuits in the UK. Track days are not races or timed events and welcome everyone, from beginners to seasoned circuit drivers, who want to discover what it’s like to drive and handle their car at speed in a safe and controlled environment.

On the day, cars on track will range from Ford GT40 replica and Maserati Ghibli to Mazda MX5, BMW M3 and Porsche 911. Classic cars include Ford Escort RS2000, modified MG Midgets and a rapid Morris Minor. Passenger rides may be available and spectators will be welcome and free.

The 36 places for this event are filling up fast and the fundraising total has already reached £1,800, and is still set to rise. All funds raised will be split between The Forever Friends Appeal’s Cancer Care Campaign and the Children’s Ward at the RUH.

Laura Pearce, Events Fundraiser for The Forever Friends Appeal, comments:

“We are extremely grateful to Castle Combe Circuit for making this event possible and choosing to support The Appeal for two very important areas of the Royal United Hospital. This day promises to be the ride of a lifetime for motor enthusiasts and those seeking a new experience with a difference. We hope all of the drivers thoroughly enjoy their day on this world-class circuit!”

For more information about Castle Combe Circuit, visit www.castlecombecircuit.co.uk.

If you are interested in driving on Wednesday 2nd April, please contact Christopher Darwin on c.darwin@virgin.net or 01288 381265. Places are still available.

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The ‘Bell Ball’ is back

Popular Lacock Pub; The Bell is continuing its fundraising efforts, and its next target has been named: ‘The Bell at Lacock’s £50,000 and beyond!’ Proprietors, Alan and Heather are proud to say that after popular demand, the second ‘Bell Ball’ is being held on Friday 21st March, at Neeld Hall, Chippenham. Friends and supporters all hope to raise funds on the evening for their favourite charity; The Forever Friends Appeal at the Royal United Hospital in Bath.

In 2010 the pub set their 10/10 challenge, which was to raise £10,000 in 2010 towards the current RUH Cancer Care Campaign – helping to build an exceptional new Cancer Centre. They were over the moon that they smashed their target and went above and beyond what they ever expected to happen. With help from their ‘regulars’ and the bigger community, together they raised over £40,000 in just one year! After a short break, their kind natured instincts have kicked back in and they are now more determined than ever to hit £50,000 and become the Appeal’s first ‘Principal Community Partner’. As a highly valued ‘Principal Partner’, The Bell at Lacock will be recognised for their endless generosity and proudly acknowledged within an area or department in the new Cancer Centre. The Appeal wants their kind, passionate donors to feel part of an extra-special project that will help so many people affected by cancer around us.

The Bell at Lacock are very grateful to the Bell Ball’s sponsors this year; Strakers Estate Agents, widely recognized as Wiltshire’s leading independent Estate Agents. Based in the heart of Wiltshire, the company is very proud to support The Forever Friends Appeal, as is a cause close to their hearts and homes.

At the end of 2013, Strakers Estate Agents presented a cheque to the Appeal in a tribute to a wonderful, caring lady, Helen Straker, who sadly passed away in 2013. At the beginning of 2013, Helen set herself a challenge to raise funds and buy as many ‘Be a Brick Walls’ as she could through the Appeal’s ‘Be a Brick’ scheme before she became too poorly. An amazing twenty three £1000 virtual walls have been purchased for the new Cancer Centre, in tribute to the beautiful wife of Gordon Straker.

Strakers logo

It seems friends, family and neighbours in Chippenham and its surrounding villages are joining their efforts to help all those affected cancer. Supporters of the Appeal are so pleased that their funds will be seen and used by those in their local community.

Supporters like Strakers and The Bell, share the vision with the RUH Clinicians, in wanting to create a Centre of excellence for the patients and their families who deserve it. The RUH is planning to replace the outdated 1970’s facilities, with a state-of-the-art £23.5 million Centre that is truly fit for purpose. The build will take a holistic approach to create a therapeutic and healing environment, which will make the patients feel safe, supported and special.

Find out more about the new Cancer Centre

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Ten Facebook fundraising tips

Facebook is a huge deal to us hear at The Forever Friends Appeal. We know that many of you use it to fundraise every day so we’ve put together a list of our top ten tips to make sure you’re getting the most out of online sponsorship – we recommend using JustGiving.


1. Status Updates
Status updates are so easy. They are the bread and butter of Facebook – telling your network what you’re up to.

As a fundraiser you should be posting an update fairly regularly, and it should *always* have your Justgiving page attached to it. Maybe you’ve had a big donation, or gone for a particularly hardcore training session – it could be anything. Tell us. We want to know.

Update. Be rigorous and organised about it. Three times a week is acceptable. After all, you’ve got something to promote that can be a discussion point and it’s a surefire way to be omnipresent on your friend’s newsfeeds so there’s no possible way they *won’t* know what you’re up to. You should also look out for opportunities to start conversations based on your friend’s status updates and enlist some friends to share your page URL on their status too. Remember how everyone donated their status for Barack Obama on election night? Maybe they’ll donate their status to you too. Make your updates fun, snappy and as cheeky as you can get away with. Cheeky updates spur conversations, which in turn raise awareness in your network.

The golden rule is don’t just post the URL all on its own. Link-baiting alone is kind of annoying and we’ve all seen it in action (usually linking to ‘hilarious’ YouTube videos that everyone’s already watched).

2. Dress Your Profile with Notes
Posting notes is an effective way of regularly sharing your page. If you upload a new photo to your Justgiving page, edit your personal message, or hit a fundraising milestone, post it as a note.

3. Post Photos
Make sure you try and capture as much of your story on camera as possible and regularly upload photos, tagging yourself and anyone else in them as necessary. Photos look MASSIVE on profiles now, so get snapping. Also, make sure your profile pic and cover photo are both suitably related to what you’re up to – that way your friends will be continuously reminded that you are brilliant and they should sponsor you.

4. Do Video. Seriously.
The barriers to creating videos have lowered so much, there’s literally no excuse to not to upload a clip about what you’re doing. Phones do video. My camera does video. I’m pretty sure the toaster will do video soon enough. Video is an extraordinarily powerful medium to get stories and concepts across to people quickly. You’ve got a few options with Facebook video:

– use the Facebook video app. This is great for short videos, especially if your friends are in it. It has the same tagging functionality as the Photos app, so can spread through newsfeeds effectively.

– use a dedicated video site like YouTube or Vimeo. Both YouTube and Vimeo have pretty awesome Facebook integration. If you’re already using them then make sure you share the videos in your newsfeed or you can use the dedicated applications.

5. Events
If you’re actually doing an official event, like a marathon for example, then search for it and see if it’s listed on Facebook. If it is, add yourself to it. If you’re doing your own thing and you want others to take part, then you can build your own event on Facebook and send it to your friends. Don’t build an event around just the *page* because, well, that’s a bit annoying.

6. Groups vs. Pages
You should definitely build a group. Invite everyone to it. Those who actually join are the ones who you can lean on a bit harder. Get some forum discussions going, don’t let it stagnate. The other good thing about Groups is they act as the bridge to other Facebookers who you might not be friends with. They can be a very powerful networking tool, especially around fundraising. We’ve seen some really interesting examples with campaigns aligning themselves around their Facebook group. Like with Wossy and that bus.

Do a search for ‘justgiving’ on facebook and have a look through some of the groups. There are some really great examples in there. Just don’t throw a house party or anything. Things could get messy…

We also recommend Groups over Pages. Pages work much better if you’re a band or a famous person, since everyone becomes a ‘fan’. We don’t know about you, but most donors probably won’t like being referred to as your fans. Pages are good for broadcasting to people, but Facebook works best when you’re having a conversation about stuff and not just trumpeting to people without listening back.

7. Facebook Mail
The internal messaging system in Facebook is really, really powerful. It’s a lot more effective than standard email because it threads messages properly and integrates well with your registered email address too.

So this tip is an easy one. Use it.

Nine times out of ten it works better than your normal email software (particularly if you’re saddled with Outlook or Hotmail or – worse still – the dreaded Lotus Notes). It works great for group emails and even better for one-to-one comms. Don’t underestimate the power of writing to people individually. It will yield much better results than sending the same message to everyone.

You can also dissect your friends into different groups and write a different message to each one. You could have a colleagues group, for example, that might be a bit more formal than the messages you’d write to your bestest buds.

Think about how you would carve up your contacts based on how you know them and write some sample messaging. It could make hundreds of pounds worth of difference and keep people happy too. Plus you get to track it all from the comfort of your Facebook account. Win.

8. Network with your charity
Ah yes. The benefactor! Quite a few charities have an official (or sometimes unofficial) presence on Facebook. Find it. Connect with them. Share your tips and stories with the fundraising team so they can pass on the goodness to others.

9. Don’t forget to say thanks
Say thanks. A lot.

Wall-post a thankyou note when somebody sponsors you. It acts as a thanks AND a reminder to others in the newsfeed that they need to sponsor you because other people are. Double trouble.

When your activity is over don’t forget to thank people collectively and individually. Let them know in as much detail as you can how much of a difference everyone has made together through your activity. It’s the end of the story. Make sure it gets told.

10. A few other things to think about in no particular order
– think about the intensity of your facebook promotion. Try and find the balance of keeping it regular without becoming overbearing. Ask for feedback if you think you’re pushing it too much from a close friend.

– lots of other sites have very tight integration with Facebook. Which of those sites can help spread your story? Is it worth using them? Do you use them already and haven’t set up the integration yet? Get. On. It.
– Have a long, hard look at your privacy settings. The more closed things are, the harder it is to get the message out beyond the inner circle of your friends.

– Structure your activity into three acts. Like a movie or a play. Beginning, middle and end. Always have the story at the heart of what you do. we know we’ve said that loads already, but it’s soooo important.

Hopefully that should give you some ideas for now.

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City fans help The Forever Friends Appeal

With Bath City’s Community Day fast approaching , fans can “Pay What They Want” at the game against Chelmsford City on 22nd March, the football are at the same time helping support The Forever Friends Appeal at the RUH.

Ten per cent of the money taken on the gate, on 22nd March, will be donated to help with the building of a new Cancer Care Centre at the hospital. To help raise even more funds, at Tuesday night’s game against high flying Ebbsfleet United, the club are encouraging fans to take a ‘Be a Brick’ – Buy a Brick cardboard collection box to take away with them to collect pennies and pounds at home, their place of work or maybe at their local shop or group.

Once the Bricks are filled with cash they can be returned to the Club and the donations will then be taken to the RUH.

Visit our ‘Be a Brick’ page or fill in the form below to request a box
[contact-form-7 id=”12575″ title=”Be a Brick Box”]

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Sir James & Lady Deirdre Dyson become patrons of the Cancer Care Campaign

Designer and inventor Sir James Dyson and his wife Lady Deirdre have lent their support to a the RUH Cancer Care Campaign by becoming patrons.

Last year Sir James and Lady Deirdre donated £4 million pounds to the Forever Friends Appeal, paving the way for a new cancer centre to be built at the Royal United Hospital.

The couple have now become patrons of the Cancer Care Campaign.

They were inspired to lend their support after Sir James, whose career began in Bath with engineering firm Rotork, lost both his parents to the disease.

Sir James said: “Using clever design and state of the art technologies, the new Cancer Centre promises to become a healing environment that the whole region can be proud of.

“Deirdre and I have been inspired by the ambition of the campaign thus far – that’s why, as well as our donation, we have decided to become Patrons of the appeal.

“We believe that this centre can revolutionise cancer care in the South West.”

The £4 million donation from the Dyson’s came from their charitable foundation and was the biggest donation ever received by the RUH.

Sir James and Lady Deirdre are keen supporters of the Forever Friends Appeal, and donated £500,000 toward the new Neonatal Intensive Care unit.

In recognition of their generosity the unit was named the Dyson Centre for Neonatal Care.

FFA head of fundraising Tim Hobbs said: “The endorsement from Sir James and Lady Deirdre is a wonderful accolade for the Forever Friends Appeal.

“Their support for both the Dyson Centre for Neonatal Care and now the cancer centre means that we can continue to help the Royal United Hospital to create an holistic healing environment that is the very best for the patients, their families and staff. We are truly delighted that James and Deirdre have agreed to become the patrons for the Cancer Care Campaign”

The new centre, which is expected to build on an holistic approach, aims to provide a nurturing and therapeutic environment for people receiving treatment for cancer. It will be designed using natural light, and will also provide room for relatives and carers.

The current RUH cancer services buildings date back to 1940. We look forward to that changing very soon thanks to the Dysons and others like them.

The new centre will replace current buildings dating back to the 1940s, and will bring cancer services at the hospital together under one roof.

It builds on an holistic approach, and aims to use natural light to provide a nurturing and therapeutic environment for people receiving treatment for cancer.

There will also be room for relatives and carers, to ensure they receive the support they need.

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Bath Half Marathon 2014 photos

The Forever Friends Appeal would like to thank all our 2014 Ted’s Team runners for all their support!

Our Bath Half team wouldn’t be the same without the backing of our team sponsors – CFH Docmail. Not only do they provide us with valuable financial support, but they go all out by entering the marathon and providing goodies for all our runners (we hope you liked the Cherry Tree’s).

It may have been a little wet and cold, but we hope each and everyone enjoyed yourselves.

[flagallery gid=17]


If you have been inspired to take part next year then visit our Bath Half Marathon page, or check out our selection of different events in our events section.

All the pictures have also been uploaded to our Facebook page

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