A brief History

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The Forever Friends bear phenomenon began way back in 1987. It started with the introduction of the Forever Friends Bears on a range of greetings cards. The success of the cards was immediate, and the bears instantly captured the hearts and imagination of all the people that sent or received one of the cards. The cards managed to say so easily what people found most difficult! In 1988, the Forever Friends bear moved from greetings cards to other products, such as duvet covers and mouse mats.

The Forever Friends bear soon went global and the Forever Friends Bear can now be found from Australia to Spain , Hong Kong to Holland . Wherever you may be, keep a lookout for the bear! Through-out the bear’s little life, it has under gone many changes in style and design. Even the bear can’t stay still in today’s fast paced world.


Forever Friends time line

1987 – The first Forever Friends bear danced its way onto the page of artist Deborah Jones’ sketchbook. Made into greetings cards that were published by Andrew Brownsword, the cards were soon loved by young and old.

1989 – After a couple of years’ success, the brand established itself wit the new name, Forever Friends.

1990 – 1994 – The Brand grew from strength to strength and its distinctive look and style of sentiment became synonymous with a hug in an envelope.

1994 – After seven successful years the design of the cards was updated to feature borders and frames. (Although the bears stayed as soft and snugly as ever!)

1997 – A special new range called ‘Between Friends’ was launched for our younger friends that focused on the closeness of friendships.

1999 – 2000 – Another special range called ‘Blanc’ was introduced to target our older friends. Working on the basis that less is more, the bears were drawn in a sophisticated sketchbook style on heaver, more premium paper, with only a hint of pastel colour.

2000 – After 13 cuddly years of lovingly creating the forever friends bears, Deborah Jones finally decided to pass the sketchbook over to the team of illustrators in Hallmark’s Bath studio.

2001 – The ‘Pastels’ sub-range introduced a fun-loving, adventurous and mischievous side to the Forever Friends and proved that even snugly bears wanna have fun too! Warm colours on white paper with longer messages completed the look.

2003 – Traditional florals and patterns and a cream background are introduced to the range as part of the Classic Core Collection.

2005 – 2007 – The Forever Friends brand was re-launched, designed to bring the bear up to date by the use of more modern surroundings and activities. A new watercolour look was given to the bears, along with new, textured paper and a cleaner font

2008 – Forever Friends bears blow out the candles and celebrate 21 years of bringing hugs and happiness to people around the world. The bears have been transformed from pencils to pixels and are now available as downloadable digital delights, coming soon to a mobile phone and ipod near you…