Since June 1999, over £25m has been raised, funding major projects to make a real difference to patients and their families being treated and cared for at the RUH.

Download our 20th anniversary impact report to learn about the impact our work has made and the difference it can make to patients. Click here

Here are some of the key milestones and achievements which we are really proud of and couldn’t have achieved without the help and support from major donors, legacies and the public:


  • The Forever Friends Appeal is established raising a minimum of £5 million for equipment for what was then the new ‘central heart’ of the RUH


  • The Appeal funds a new Ultrasound Scanner for the Breast Unit – £60,000
  • Fundraising sees a refurbishment of the Children’s Outpatients department


  • £900,000 Catheter Laboratory is installed in the Cardiology department


  • £250,000 goes towards refurbishing and redevelopment of the A&E department
  • £25,000 goes to Urology for Endoscopy equipment


  • £266,000 is raised for new Fluoroscopy Suite equipment
  • over £100,000 is donated towards the garden and play areas in the RUH Children Centre


  • CT Scanner Campaign is launched to reduce waiting times for patients requiring scans from up to    28 weeks down to 2 weeks. To read more about the CT Scanner Campaign, click here


  • Mini C Arm equipment purchased for Fluoroscopy Department – £40,000
  • £50,000 raised to fund transport incubator for Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
  • £800,000 CT Scanner installed in Radiography Department


  • The Appeal launches its next major campaign – the NICU ‘space to grow’ campaign to raise £3.1million for  the first purpose-built, environmentally sustainable Neonatal Intensive Care Unit for premature babies. To read more about the NICU ‘space to grow’ campaign click here


  • Phase 1 of the RUH Cancer Care Campaign launches to raise £650,000 for a Gamma CT Scanner
  • The Dyson Centre for Neonatal Care opens, read more about the opening here


  • The Gamma CT Scanner is purchased and installed in the Nuclear Medicine department
  • Phase 2 of the RUH Cancer Care Campaign launches to raise a minimum of £5.5 million for the new Cancer Centre
  • The Appeal receives a major gift of £4 million donated by the James Dyson Foundation for the Cancer Care Campaign – enabling an increase in the overall Campaign target to £8.5 million


  • New Pathfinder ECG equipment installed in Cardiology Department – £33,346


  • A Stress Cardio Bike is purchased for Cardiology – £7,500


  • Funding goes to Cardiology Catheter labs  – £25,000 +


  • Flexi Focus Ultrasound equipment for Theatres – £50,00
  • CT Simulator for Radiotherapy  £650,000


  • Scalp Cooling Cap for Chemotherapy Department £36,000
  • The Appeal launches a new fundraising campaign ‘Therapies Matter‘ for The RNHRD and Therapies Centre –  to raise a minimum of £2 million and The Brownsword Charitable Foundation sets a £1 million Match-Funding Challenge
  • The Friendly Faces Project launches to support patients living with Dementia


  • The new RUH Spiritual Care Centre opens – with the Appeal having funded the courtyard garden and art – £80,000+
  • The Appeal announces it has raised over £9.6m for the new Dyson Cancer Centre and will continue fundraising to make it truly special in its design, facilities and equipment
  • The Appeal obtains funding from the Sperring Trust to fund a three year pilot project called the Compassionate Companions Project to support end of life care at the RUH


  • Four new Special Appeals are launched – Facial Surgery and Orthodontics – £200,000+, Critical Care Unit £150,000, Breast Unit £450,000 and The Friendly Faces Project £30,000
  • Medical equipment purchased for Eye department – £115,000
  • April 2019 – The Facial Surgery and Orthodontics Special Appeal is completed, read more here
  • The Forever Friends Appeal turns 20 on 29 June 2019, read more here