The Royal United Hospitals Bath NHS Foundation acts as a Corporate Trustee. The following members of the Board are current were representatives.

Jeremy Boss
Chair of the Charities Committee & RUH Non-Executive Director

Alison Ryan RUH

Alison Ryan
Chair of the RUH Bath

Libby Walters
Director of Finance, Deputy Chief Executive

Lisa Cheek
Director of Nursing and Midwifery / Director of Infection Prevention and Control

Jocelyn Foster
Commercial Director

Other Board members

  • Tim Craft
  • Bernie Marden
  • Francesca Thompson
  • Claire Buchanan
  • Nigel Sullivan
  • Jane Scadding
  • Joanna Hole

How our Trustees operate the charity

The Trustees’ Representatives maintain independence from the Trust in making decisions which affect the Charity. In order to ensure this:

  • The Charities’ Committee meets separately from the Trust Board and deals solely with issues affecting the Charity.
  • The Charity has a separate strategy, objectives, and risk register to ensure that the Charity’s integrity is maintained.
  • Relationships between the Charity and the Trust are enshrined in a Service Level Agreement which ensures that the service which is provided to the Charity in terms of administrative, financial and staffing support is subject to rigorous scrutiny.
  • Trustees will act in the best interests of the Charity to further its charitable objects; and there is a clear, open, and independent process of decision making by the Trustees.
  • Trustees will ensure that they avoid a conflict of interest or loyalty. The Charity will maintain an independent register of interests.
  • The Charities Committee may co-opt members who are not formal RUH trustees, but whose advice and views will be sought in forming decisions.