Progress against target

Help raise £650,000 towards the Breast Unit service expansion.

The RUH Breast Unit provides an integrated range of services for patients with breast conditions, including rapid access diagnostic clinics by a team of dedicated specialists. It has state of-the-art breast imaging equipment, digital mammography, breast tomosynthesis and breast MRI. The Breast Unit also offers women a comprehensive service for oncoplastic and breast reconstruction.

The team use a patient-centred approach with treatments individually tailored to patient needs providing a high quality service within a caring, supportive environment. Central to this process we have a team of Macmillan Breast Cancer Nurse specialists as well as a dedicated Psychologist.

The vast majority of patients are women, but the unit also sees men with breast problems too and 2 or 3 of them will be diagnosed with breast cancer.

Did you know?

  • Over 5,000 patients are referred to the Breast Unit every year.
  • About 300 of these patients will be treated for Cancer.

Breast Unit redevelopment and expansion

The hospital needs to redevelop and expand the unit so it can facilitate its work with an increasing number of patients each year, plus provide a more welcoming and calming atmosphere to help patients feel relaxed and confident about their care.

The redevelopment will enhance the exceptional service already provided, improve efficiency and facilitate a model of care to support patients living with and beyond cancer. These improvements will help staff support patients with advice and counselling from a dedicated support centre within the Breast Unit, in the months and years after they leave hospital or complete their treatment.

The unit will have a new area for mammographic and MRI reporting, an improved waiting area and peace garden, enlarged consultation suites and examination areas, and a dedicated treatment room. The treatment room is pivotal in our approach to reducing length of stay in hospital for patients after surgery. Increasing numbers of patients are discharged home on the day of their operation.

The improvements to the Breast unit will give patients a more holistic experience in a soothing environment. The unit will have rooms designed for individual patient use, quiet rooms for privacy and dignity and also an outside area for private retreats. Extra space will allow for continued the survivorship support, for holistic needs assessments, prosthetic fittings and also a treatment room for nursing interventions.

Although not part of the new Cancer Centre, the new enhanced Breast Unit will sit in close proximity. Many of its patients will use the new Cancer Centre for their treatment and services offered by its wellbeing, information & support hub.

Why we need your help with this Special Appeal

The NHS is providing funding for new equipment in the Breast Unit, which will cost over £1m. However, NHS resources are finite and we now need to raise additional charitable funds for the expansion and refurbishment work.

The redevelopment will cost £650,000 in total. It will be funded entirely through charitable donations to create an environment that promotes wellbeing and recovery and provides the very best facilities for an ongoing patient centred approach to care.

How you can get involved and support this Special Appeal

There are many ways people can support The Forever Friends Appeal:

Tours of the current Breast Unit facilities and a chance to talk to members of the team are available if you would like to see how your support will help patients. To book a place  please call: 01225 825691.

For further information about the Breast Unit and our current priorities please get in touch