Dr Ali Khavandi, Consultant Cardiologist, and Dr Jonathan Rodrigues, Consultant Radiologist, are leading an RUH Cardiovascular research team in collaboration with researchers at the University of Bath, whose aim is to save lives by transforming treatment options.

Caring for patients with complex conditions increasingly relies on making best use of advanced imaging technology, which is developing all the time.

“Thanks to having some of the best high end technology at the RUH (we now have three CT scanners and three MRI scanners with another CT scanner being installed) I’ve witnessed the benefits of cutting edge developments in healthcare imaging technology and how it can help patients, which is inspiring.”

Jonny’s interest in cardiovascular diseases began during his time at Edinburgh Medical School, learning how cardiothoracic imaging can help to guide patient pathways. He completed his Fellowship in Toronto and joined our Radiology Department as Consultant Radiologist in 2018.

Through non-invasive cardiac imaging and with the growing expertise of his team, patients with complex heart conditions receive further enhanced and more bespoke care. By carrying out unique imaging on these patients, new interventions can be put in place to improve outcomes for families.

The radiology department has continued to provide this invaluable service throughout the pandemic, with Jonny and his colleagues still safely imaging patients, rather than cancelling vital appointments and delaying treatment.

“It has been rewarding to see everyone pull together in spite of challenging circumstances for the hospital and NHS as a whole. We’ve embraced new ways of working and the digital era has created opportunities for researchers across the country to meet and collaborate more, without needing to take hours away from the hospital to travel.

“Technology is breaking down barriers and opening doors for all of us. At the RUH, it’s keeping us connected on a national level, which is extremely valuable and exciting.” (This includes working with colleagues at Oxford University Hospital’s NHS Foundation Trust.)

Along with the rest of the research team, Jonny is looking forward to the development of cardiovascular research at the RUH and witnessing the positive influence this life-changing research will have on patients at the RUH.

As well as caring for some of our most vulnerable patients, Jonny has a busy home life too. He and his wife have three sons. Talking about the best gift he’s ever received he told us his favourite and most memorable gift by far was the birth of one of his sons on his own birthday.

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