Help raise £150,000 towards the refurbishment of the Critical Care Unit, with support directed to state-of-the art Patient Service Columns. 

The Critical Care team delivers lifesaving treatment to the most unwell and most vulnerable 2% of the RUH patient population. The Critical Care Unit (an umbrella term for the Intensive Care and High Dependency units) has 13 beds and treats any patient of any age with any life threatening condition.

Did you know?

850 patients are treated in the RUH Critical Care Unit, every year. They look after patients with a whole variety of problems, such as severe pneumonia, cardiac arrest, cancer, organ failure, life threatening infections affecting any part of the body and severe sepsis, complications around pregnancy, and following major elective surgery.

87% of patients are discharged to an appropriate ward for continuing care when no longer requiring critical care.

Critical Care Unit refurbishment

Despite its reputation for providing excellent clinical care, the Critical Care Unit needs to be significantly refurbished by the RUH to enable it and its staff to continue to meet the needs of modern day care and to make it a suitable environment for patients, staff and visitors.

Refurbishing the unit will allow us to upgrade the systems for effectively managing the equipment and the associated patient data and provide an further improved environment for staff to treat patients in emergencies when every second is vital to providing lifesaving treatment.

The unit plans to install Patient Care Service Columns (pictured below) to better manage the lifesaving equipment found around the patient’s bed. This will help dramatically transform and enhance patient safety in time critical, life threatening scenarios.

Why we need your help

The Forever Friends Appeal is raising £150,000 towards the refurbishment of the Critical Care Unit, with support directed towards these state-of-the art Patient Care Service Columns.

These columns will:

  • Allow improved access to patients and crucially immediate access to the head of the bed in an emergency.
  • House the new Clinical Information System (CIS), bedside computer and all interconnecting cables. The new CIS will improve data recording and reduce the number of hours taken to capture data manually, releasing 9800 hours per year for direct care of patients and relatives
  • Automate the recording of large volumes of data, aiding the work of our clinicians. Over 20,000 data points are currently manually captured by the nursing and medical staff for every patient, every day to direct patient treatment.
  • Deliver medical equipment, gasses and all electricity required from a single point.

How you can get involved and support this Special Appeal

There are many other ways people can support The Forever Friends Appeal:

Tours of the current Critical Care facilities and a chance to talk to members of the team are available if you would like to see how your support will help patients. To book a place please call: 01225 825691.

For further information about the Critical Care Fund and our current priorities please get in touch


Patient Story – Rik Hunter

Mr Hunter, a retired Royal Air Force officer from Wroughton, near Swindon, said: “Adrian, my son was given unbelievable care and attention from a dedicated nursing team who looked after him 24 hours a day. The doctors went to enormous lengths to try to find out was wrong with him. Everyone put in so much time and effort to try to save him and, as far as I could tell, no stone was left unturned.

“What the staff do in intensive and critical care is absolutely brilliant, therefore I have made a donation to the unit in memory of Adrian to help support the amazing work they do.”