Progress against target

Help raise £200,000 to create ward environments that help patients living with dementia feel more relaxed and at home whilst being treated for unrelated illnesses or injuries.

We are launching a pilot project  to refurbish wards to a dementia-friendly standard. Each ward will receive up to £200,000 to achieve this.

Our current Older People’s Wards are dementia–friendly however, patients living with dementia can be in hospital for unrelated illnesses or injuries meaning they are placed on a ward  relating to their immediate illness which may not be dementia –friendly.

By focusing on wards which have a high number of patients living with dementia our aim is to create an environment which is fit for their needs.

RUH Combe Ward

How funding can make a difference to patients living with dementia

Clocks / Signage – Introducing clear signage and specially designed clocks helps reduce confusion and stress, improve the independence of people and make an unfamiliar environments more relaxing and reassuring.

Pictures / Artworks – By incorporating art into the ward environment can create as closely as possible, the experience of being at home, helping minimise distress.

Collaborative work with Alzheimer’s Society – We will work collaboratively with the Alzeimer’s society to provide a volunteer-coordinator

Art at the Heart – This project will also fund the hospital’s art charity, Art at the Heart. They will  provide Soundbite and Stitch in Time, their music and arts programmes, both of which have had positive impact on patients.

Day Rooms – Not every ward has a large day room, however, each ward has a quiet space or area which we can improve. These spaces are important to ensure patients get up and out of bed and their visitors have a space to use away from clinical areas.

Day rooms will become places for various activities to take place including those provided by Art at the Heart. The funding will go towards redecorating the day rooms and providing new resources such as puzzles, music, scent boxes, and other reminiscent items.

Dementia Friendly Flooring – By simply changing the type of flooring in the ward we can make a difference to patients living with dementia. Most  wards have the standardised NHS flooring but by replacing it with a wood effect design it will help aid recovery and create a home environment.

Specialist Lighting – Which changes slowly throughout the day to mimic outdoor light not only helps patients with living with dementia but also those suffering from delirium.  Specialist lighting gives patients a sense of time passing and can help aid recovery.

Nurses Stations By replacing the central nurse’s station (where possible) with individual stations on each bay, staff can observe patients more effectively and patients can be reassured by their presence. This also reduces noise levels on the ward and can create space for seating areas for patients and staff.

How you can get involved and support this Special Appeal

There are many ways people can support The Forever Friends Appeal:

For further information about the the Dementia Friendly Wards or our current priorities please get in touch on 01225 825691 or