As a District General Hospital with a core specialism in treating mainstream cancers, the Royal United Hospital is rightly proud of the level of clinical excellence and care provided to its cancer patients. 

But now, inspired by initiatives in the States and more recently at the new UCLH Cancer Centre in London, it has the opportunity to do something very special and different.

Our aim is to build a new and pioneering Cancer Centre which balances our clinical expertise with the provision of a nurturing and therapeutic environment – that is centred on patient care and experience, reducing stress and anxiety, whilst promoting health and thereby embracing a ‘holistic’ approach for patients and their families.

The RUH is familiar with setting new standards at ‘DGH’ level.  The environmentally sustainable Dyson Centre adopted this all-embracing holistic approach for our tiny patients and their families and is actively providing a model for the future of neonatal care in the UK and beyond.

We now intend to do the same in transforming the care of our cancer patients and their families, providing a model of a care that can be replicated elsewhere by DGH’s and other healthcare institutions.  A Cancer Centre where the four strands of ‘Clinical Excellence’, a ‘Therapeutic Environment’, a ‘Survivorship model of care’ and proactive ‘Research’ are welded together to powerful effect, creating a highly beneficial healing environment for patients and their families.