Have you made your Will? Make or update your Will during November 2020 and support the RUH Bath

If you’ve put off writing or updating your Will,  our annual fundraising initiative, RUH Will Month offers you the opportunity to use the professional Will writing services of local solicitors across the RUH Catchment area at a reduced cost, which will then be donated by the solicitors to our charity for the benefit of patients at the Royal United Hospital.

Why is it important to make a Will?

Making a Will is such an important thing to do, yet many of us don’t want to think about it, or are worried about the cost, even though it can leave behind big problems. While thinking, talking and planning for death may feel uncomfortable, you may need to consider how the situation would be if you died or became incapacitated – through illness, accident, old age or emergency. Whatever your age, if you have assets, e.g. a house, savings, a business, family, causes you care about or specific funeral plans, please consider making a Will.

To help you, our participating solicitors will prepare and draw up a standard Will at a reduced fee in support of the Royal United Hospitals.

See the full list of participating solicitors

You will be asked to make a payment of £125 for a single standard Will or £175 for a mirror Will.

How do I take part in RUH Will Month?

Follow these simple steps to get a Single or Joint Will drawn up:

  1. Choose a Solicitor from the list below – Contact your chosen Solicitor to make your appointment.
  2. Turn your wishes into a Will – Your chosen solicitor will draft your Will or make any amendments to an existing Will.
  3. Support the RUH – 100% of your fee is donated by the solicitors to The Forever Friends Appeal. Please make cheques payable to the RUH Charitable Fund and hand it to the solicitor at your first appointment.

To be confirmed.

You will make a real difference to patients being treated and cared for at the RUH by helping fund works to specialist medical equipment for wards and departments, new buildings with holistic and welcoming environments, research and innovations, patient services and staff training.

There is no obligation to include a gift to the RUH in your Will, and your arrangements are private. If having reviewed your personal circumstances and you would like to leave a gift in your Will, thank you. Your gift will help the RUH continue providing great care for generations to come.

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