Are you tough enough to tackle the trail, mud, water and obstacles the Monster Race has in store? Expect to climb, jump, crawl and wade your way around the Monsters course. You will get muddy, you will get wet, you will be tired but the Monster Race will ensure you have an awesome time.

It’s the ultimate overall test. If you’re a seasoned runner…great but you’ll need upper body strength as well! Or perhaps you’re a muscle bound gym rat, if so we salute you but you’ll need to get some running legs. Find the perfect blend of the two and you’ll still need to have inner strength and determination to carry on once you are wet, cold and muddy. Think your tough enough? Sign up and challenge your friends!

Not sure you’re tough enough? Worried about some of the obstacles? Your fellow monsters will help you out (especially if your on a team). You can skip an obstacle if you want but we do encourage you to attempt each obstacle at least once….you might regret skipping it later!


We could tell you what each and every obstacle is going to be but where is the fun in that? The fear of the unknown is part of the challenge and will help spur you on in training.

The exact number of obstacles is top secret but expect:

  • 5k course – 20 obstacles
  • 10k course – 40 obstacles (ouch!)

Follow our quick and easy steps to sign up

×Register for your own independent place in the event. Visit the event’s official website

Step 1

Get your independent place direct with the race organisers.

Step 2

Once you’ve secured your place please let us know by filling in our online independent place form.

You can raise sponsorship for our Cancer Care Campaign or any other area of the hospital, it’s up to you!

Step 3

When we’ve received your form we’ll send you a fabulous running vest, sponsor forms and our fundraising guide full of top tips to maximise your fundraising.