Help us be there for the staff, patients and families at the Royal United Hospital of Bath.

This year, we’re asking you to be stay at home hero and join #TeamRUH to raise vital funds for our hospital. Run, walk or cycle a distance of your choice, or bake, quiz or craft and raise money for your local NHS.

Now more than ever, it’s important to stay active. Pick your activity, set a goal, and raise money along the way. It doesn’t matter how big the challenge is – the most important thing is to get involved. Whatever you choose to do, 2021 is the year to look after your health and wellbeing, and spend time doing the things you love – you can find hints and tips on how to live well by visiting the NHS live well campaign site here.

To set up your fundraising page and get started, simply click SIGN UP below.

Whatever you choose to do, make sure you follow social distancing and current Government guidelines when planning or taking part in an event.

While lots is uncertain, we know one thing for sure – our amazing staff at the RUH will never stop being there for us and our loved ones. Our hospital needs us now more than ever, so by doing something you love and raising money you will be making a real difference.

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Fundraising ideas to do at home!

Read for the RUH – start a book club

Did you make a New Year’s Resolution to read more in 2021? Start a book club with your friends to (virtually) come together and connect over your favourite books. Ask each person to donate what they would have normally spent on food or drink at an in person book club.

Host a pub quiz

Host a virtual pub quiz with your friends and family. Visit to schedule your quiz, recruit teams and donate proceeds to The Forever Friends Appeal.

Ready, steady… draw!

Time to turn a classic game virtual! Organise a game of Pictionary – lots of platforms like zoom have a whiteboard feature where you can show off your artistic skills!

Once you’ve mastered virtual Pictionary, why not try playing the 5 second animal drawing game?

Step 1 – make sure everyone has paper and a pen available.

Step 2 – nominate someone to pick an animal.

Step 3 – Call out the animal name, everyone else has 5 seconds to draw the animal.

Then, it’s time to show everyone how well you can draw under pressure! Vote on the winner (either the best or the worse drawing…). They pick the next animal, and the game goes on!


Using sites such as Twitch, YouTube and Facebook you can live stream activities to your friends and family from your phone, tablet or computer. So set a timer and ask for donations to motivate you to complete your 24-hour challenge.

You can also set-up your own Game-athon live stream with JustGiving. Find out more here (


Stream a musical performance on Facebook or YouTube – you could even offer requests in return for a donation.

If you play an instrument, why not offer music lessons in exchange for a donation?


Spring clean your homes this lockdown. Sell unwanted items to clear some space and to make way for the New Year! You can sell clothing, shoes, ornaments etc using platforms like Facebook marketplace or eBay.


Crafting is amazing for wellbeing, comfort and happiness. If you like knitting, sewing, painting, pottery, or anything crafty at all – why not use your skill to raise some money for the RUH? You could teach craft lessons online, create handouts on how to learn your skill, or sell your beautiful creations in exchange for donations.

How to collect donations/sponsorship:

If you are organising a fundraising activity and want to collect sponsorship from friends and family (without seeing them!), we recommend setting up an online donation page. You can either use:

JustGiving – we suggest you JustGiving, as it is the easiest way to start collecting funds if you’re organising your own fundraising activity. Setup your online fundraising page to join an amazing community raising money for RUH staff and watch your total grow!

Facebook – you can add a donate button to any post and create fundraising pages to celebrate birthdays and anniversaries too… consider asking your loved ones for donations in lieu of presents until celebrations begin again.

If you would prefer to donate directly to the ‘Help your hospital heroes’ urgent appeal, click here.
For more advice about your fundraising, please contact