By partnering with us your business could take advantage of a range of benefits whilst helping to support the RUH.

We have a passionate and dedicated Corporate Fundraising Team, committed to creating inspirational partnerships. They will give you with the very best support and guidance throughout your time working with us. We will meet with you and provide regular communication and charity updates to help you smash your fundraising targets and engage your wider employee base in fundraising activities ranging from cake sales to charity of the year, to taking part in one of corporate challenges!

Not only does supporting our work allow us to do more for thousands of patients, it can engage and motivate your employees and customers! There are many benefits that our partners get from supporting us, including website updates, social media posts, networking and press opportunities.

To find out more please contact email our Corporate Officers Jo Common or Patsy Gould or call 01225 825392 / 01225 825900.

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