What are the benefits of volunteering?

Above all, volunteering can be a lot of fun and is a great way of meeting people and finding new friends in your local area. Many volunteers also benefit from learning new skills and building up valuable work experience, to help them get paid work in the future.

Here at The Forever Friends Appeal we have a mixture of volunteers ranging from students through to retired professionals who dedicate their skills to our worthwhile cause. Without these generous individuals we would not be able to undertake the vast range of activities that generate such vital funds for the RUH.

Who volunteers for The Forever Friends Appeal?

People from all walks of life volunteer with us. Students and young people volunteer to gain the work experience and skills they need to help them get a job in later life.

Similarly, other people volunteer after they have had a break from the job market and are looking to build up fresh experience. Many of our volunteers are retired people, looking to put their experience and some of their new found free time to good use!

How much time can I give?

We have a range of roles that require different amounts of time – from full-day placements, to an afternoon or morning a week or one-off events. Take a look at the different roles we have available and choose the one that suits you best.

You could organise a fundraising event, choosing exactly how much you want to do and when. You could help on the day at one of our events or give up a large amount of time and help us run one of our major events such as Ted’s Big Day Out!

What skills and experience do I need?

Many of our volunteer roles do not require you to have any experience or specialist skills. For example if you would like to work at one of our events or try your hand at fundraising, we will provide all the training and information you need to take on these roles.

A limited number of our volunteering opportunities require you to have particular skills but we will always discuss these prior to allocating roles.

What training and support will I be given?

Whatever volunteer role you choose to take on, we will give you all the training and support you need to feel comfortable in your work.

Can I claim expenses?

All our volunteers give their time for free, but The Forever Friends Appeal will ensure that you are not out of pocket for travelling to agreed events and, if devoting a full day to the charity, the cost of a sandwich lunch.