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Heroes of the RUH – Cassie Jones

Donate during the COVID-19 crisis


Meet Cassie Jones, Secretary in Radiology at the Royal United Hospitals Bath.

“When I turned 25 I decided that I wanted to have more of a career and be proud of what I do. I wanted to work in Radiology and I really like working here as they are a lovely team and we have a great manager. I find the scanning and the science behind it really interesting, so that’s why I’m here. I’ve been here for three years and I’ve never been in a role this long.

Whenever anyone emails in, like clinicians, other secretaries, we’re always really quick to respond and help them. We often get feedback that we’re really helpful, praising how efficient we are which is great.

When we were in lockdown it was quite lonely because I was living on my own. When the lease ran out on my flat in September, I moved back to my Dad’s place as I didn’t want to spend lockdown during winter on my own.

During the first lockdown all the routine scans stopped taking place so I was fairly quiet. There were a lot less people in the office because they were high risk. There was a sense of worry when lockdown first started, I imagine for clinical staff that feeling would have been heightened.

In lockdown I noticed how resilient we became, our community spirit and how people came together. Neighbours who’ve never spoken before were helping each other out. The kindness and resilience from people really shone through. That’s what I got out of it. It also made us realise that we’re not invincible and we need to look after ourselves, each other and the planet.

I would like to take this opportunity to say a massive thank you to everyone who has donated to our hospital charity. Your donation, big or small will help us care for our patients. It’s a selfless thing to do and we need more people like you, thank you!  ”

Donate during the COVID-19 crisis