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Heroes of the RUH – Grace Mugagga

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Meet Grace Mugagga, Nurse on Critical Care at the Royal United Hospitals Bath.

I’ve been qualified as a registered nurse for nine months and this is my first role as a nurse. I’ve always wanted to do nursing, I just didn’t know what type so I’m so pleased that I have found my place in Critical Care. 

I studied at the University of the West of England (UWE) and did a seven week placement at the RUH ithe Critical Care department. I had two mentors and they were very inspiring. I saw how they gave excellent care to the patients and I went home feeling that I had given it everything during those days. 

It was because of one of my mentors that I wanted to come back and work in this team. I saw how my mentor Jaz cared for her patients. She did everything with a smile even when she was having a tough day. She was so inspiring to me and such a good role model and the unit gave me a really good foundation to build on my knowledge and skills. They gave me the time and support I needed. 

When I started here I was so excited to be working as a critical care nurse. But nothing prepared me for COVID-19. It was terrifying when we heard it was coming. I was worried about it but I thought that we are all in it together. I looked at everyone else working around me and how they were coping and we were all getting on with the job. By following all the advice and guidance, gradually I felt less anxious and just got on with it to care for my patients. I got to the point where I was looking forward to coming in and seeing my patients getting better and I felt that I wanted to give more. 

Going through COVID-19 there have times when people have asked if I would stay in my role, and the answer is always ‘yes’. I’m still smiling and that just confirms my dream to have a career in Critical Care. 

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