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Heroes of the RUH – Jerica Torres

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Meet Jerica Torres, Midwife at the Royal United Hospitals Bath.

“I’m a midwife at Chippenham Birthing Centre and I do my night shifts at the RUH in Bath. What brought me to Bath is that my partner got a new job in Chippenham. So, it was wonderful to discover that there was a birthing centre in Chippenham where I could work as well as at the RUH. I do feel like I get the best of both worlds.

“For as long as I can remember I’ve always wanted to be a midwife. When I was a child, I used to spend quite a lot of time in and out of hospital visiting an unwell family member and for me the hospital was always a really kind of bad and horrible place. But when I found out that women go there to have their babies I realised that there were nice things to come out of hospitals too.

“What I found most difficult during the lockdown as a midwife was telling the women in my care that their families couldn’t come to the antenatal appointments and that they had to attend their scans alone. For many, these were some of the most magical moments of their lives and they couldn’t share them with their partners. It was even more heartbreaking for people that were attending scans when they didn’t get good news and they had to go through that ordeal alone. The pandemic has taught me how important it is for everyone to be kind to each other.

“I started my midwifery career in Devon and love going back there – it’s one of my favourite places on Earth, especially the beaches. Surfing is one of the hobbies that I do in my spare time when I can. If I’m honest I’m more of a fair-weather surfer, though I do brave getting into the water in the winter sometimes!

“This year I feel super lucky not to be working over Christmas – I think it’s one of the first years that I will have the day off. My absolute favorite thing about Christmas is the food (especially all of the different cheeses and chutneys!) and spending time with family. I don’t think anything beats that so I’m really looking forward to doing that this year.”

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