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Heroes of the RUH – Marcin Plociniak

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Meet Marcin Plociniak, Security Officer at the Royal United Hospitals Bath.

“Since I was young I have been used to being in a hospital environment as some of relatives worked in a hospital back in Poland. I used to visit them all the time so I think that’s what made me get involved in some sort of caring background.

“In 2008 I moved over to England and started working in a few nursing homes. I then saw a role come up at the hospital and lucky enough I got the interview to become a cleaner. After a few years of understanding how the hospital works I found the perfect job for me – a security officer which I have been doing for over 6 years now.

“I always try and help others especially the people I work with; things are so much easier when you work together. I am a workaholic so while doing my security job I also work on the bank in loads of areas, but mainly Supplies helping and delivering all sorts of goods across the Trust.

“Being in the security team we work all over the hospital to make sure our staff, patients, visitors, and hospital property is safe at all times. For me, that’s why teamwork is so important and we spend 12 hours of the day or night together so we have become a close team after working a few shifts with each other.

“Personally, for me, COVID has meant more work. I try my best each day and I believe I do it well. I enjoy what I do and if I have learned anything in this time it’s that being helpful to others is key. I will be working over Christmas and New Year and I’m hoping that in the New Year I will be able to see my loved ones again in Poland.

“When I’m not working which it’s hard to believe – I like to ride my motorcycle, my pushbike, do some photography, and spend quality time with my girlfriend Gosia who makes me happy, and always supports me if necessary. She is also a RUH Hero and works as an HCA mainly on Forrester Brown but also all over the Trust. I think it’s very nice that people want to support our hospital and I would like to thank them.”

Donate during the COVID-19 crisis