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Heroes of the RUH – Mark Beresford

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Meet Mark Beresford, Consultant Clinical Lead for Oncology at the Royal United Hospitals Bath.

“I specialise in the treatment of breast, urological and brain cancers. I’ve been working at the RUH for nearly 10 years, I joined within a month of our twins being born, so I remember the time well.

What I love about my job is having interaction with our patients. I think it is really important that we get to know them well because sometimes we’ll see them for many years so it’s nice to build up a rapport.

Lockdown has been tough on all of us and I still worry that we could lose a lot of staff isolating because of the virus but so far it’s been intermittent so we’ve been able to carry on our services much as normal.

We haven’t stopped treating cancer patients because of COVID-19. Anyone who has needed chemotherapy or radiotherapy has had their treatment, which I hope is reassuring for our patients who are going through particularly stressful and worrying times.

We’ve worked hard to make it safe for people to come in for their appointments by ensuring physical distancing, and we are doing a lot of phone or virtual clinics which works well for the patients we know well. However, we still do many face-to-face appointments especially with new patients because it’s important we get to see how fit they are and to find out what their hopes, aims and wishes are for their treatment.

Looking ahead to Christmas, I know it’s my turn to work it, and I don’t mind. We will be busy as we keep our chemotherapy and radiotherapy appointments going and will treat a week’s worth of patients in three days.

I do love the build-up to Christmas. I’m a bit of a mince pie addict, but I only eat them up to Christmas Eve and then I don’t want to see one again until next year. Looking ahead, I’m hoping that when we are out of this pandemic that my family and I can take our trip to Costa Rica which we had planned in April this year.”

Donate during the COVID-19 crisis