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Heroes of the RUH – Mark Sheriff

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Meet Mark Sheriff, Clinical Specialist, Hand Therapy at the hospital at the Royal United Hospitals Bath.

In the world of hand therapy, we see an awful lot of trauma – people who have had everyday injuries, damaged their elbow, wrist or hand and nerve problems. During lockdown we continued to see those patients but my team and I also volunteered to work on ITU, putting on and taking off all our PPE as needed.  

The six of us joined the Prone Team that would turn the ventilated patients. Every 12-14 hours they needed to be positioned on to their front or their back to maintain lung volume and help them to breathe. 

It was really good to be able to work with so many people from other areas of the hospital, like the anaesthetists. We don’t always get to meet each other and the nurses on the wards were so accommodating. 

I’m very proud of my team. They’ve done everything I asked of them and volunteered for more! They really pulled it out of the bag. We’ve been nominated for a Team of the Year award this year and it’s been nice to know they’ve been recognised. 

Lockdown highlighted how nice it is to spend quality time with family.  

My wife’s a Social Worker, my daughter’s six and my little boy is 17 months old. Our little boy hadn’t been held by anyone else from March until mid-June and then had to go to nursery where you couldn’t settle them, you just had to hand over your baby – it was heartbreaking! 

It’s nice to know that the local community appreciates what we’ve been doing. Some of us have worked all the way through this year. Using up annual leave to try to manage childcare during lockdown has meant we haven’t been able to get a break away. 

The best thing about Christmas for me is the build-up. I’ll be spending Christmas Eve with my family, watching a film and some last minute present-wrapping.   

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