Our RUH is now extremely busy and staff are feeling unprecedented amounts of pressure. They have done so much for us, and continue to work tirelessly to provide the best possible care for our patients. Can you help?

The last year has seen our RUH staff working under intense pressure in difficult circumstances to care for patients – managing the extra stress of wearing PPE, providing extra care for patients in the absence of visitors and covering additional shifts for colleagues who are ill or self-isolating – Our incredible RUH staff are physically and emotionally exhausted but they are still there for you and your loved ones, every day.

Whilst Covid-19 vaccines are a light at the end of the tunnel, right now, our staff are in the middle of a ruthless Covid-19 second wave, which has hit the RUH harder than the first wave and they must keep going. At the same time, they face the extra healthcare pressures which every winter brings and also supporting the community mass vaccination programme. All this, whilst continuing to provide emergency, surgical, cancer and other time-critical care to children and adults who need our help.

“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for looking after us all over the last few months.”

Rosie, Senior Sister, Helena Ward

Everyone at the RUH is working with unstoppable determination but they do need your support so that they can continue to be there for you and your loved ones.

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In addition to supporting our patients, your donation could give our doctors, nurses, domestic staff, physiotherapists and others on the frontline the support they need to recover from the trauma and exhaustion of the Covid-19 pandemic. We will use the funds to support areas with the greatest needs now and in the future.

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Heroes Stories

Inspired by the ‘Humans of New York’, we are showcasing some of our NHS Heroes.

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What has been achieved?

Thanks to your generosity over the last year, we have been able to fund many projects above and beyond what the NHS can fund. Your donations have already made a huge difference to provide practical and emotional support for our staff and patients.

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Supporting staff and patients in the future

We will continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with our hospital colleagues to help them get through this pandemic and we will be there to support their recovery in the coming months and years.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Gifts in Kind including hot meals for staff

We know how much the community wants to support their RUH Staff, therefore we are asking the public and our supporters staff to consider making a donation to support your hospital instead of giving items. With visiting suspended and increased infection control measures in place due to COVID-19 we are unable to accept donations from the community such as hand creams, toiletries and home-made food including hot food. We are using the donations received to purchase the items that staff really need and can ensure that it is distributed to the area that most need them. If you have any questions please contact us: forever.friends@nhs.net.