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An opportunity to make a will and help your local hospital

Members of the general public across the Royal United Hospital’s catchment area are being urged to make their Will as local solicitors are waiving their fees and showing they care by supporting The Forever Friends Appeal.

Sixteen local solicitors have teamed up with the hospital’s charity, The Forever Friends Appeal to give their support to its first ever RUH Will month scheme in September to encourage people to plan for the future and help get their affairs in order, whilst helping their hospital.

To help raise as much money as possible throughout September, the participating solicitors will prepare and draw up a single standard Will for £100 or two standard mirror Wills for £150.00. This fee will then be waived by the solicitor and donated directly to The Forever Friends Appeal for the benefit of all the patients at the RUH. The client will be able to choose the area of the hospital they wish to support with the fees.

Making a Will is one of the most thoughtful and important things you can do to protect those you love. Yet it is surprising that fewer than half of people have made one. Having an up to date Will which reflects their current situation is something a lot of people put off, thinking that there will be time to do it later and simply haven’t got around to it. Yet it can take years to sort out someone’s estate if they die without a Will, leaving their loved ones in great distress.

Jan Witt, Legacy Officer, says, “Some of the best and worst days of our lives will be spent in the Royal United Hospital, Bath. By taking part in the RUH Will month scheme and putting your own affairs in order, will not only help your loved ones in the future, but also the patients, family and their friends cared for by the RUH.

Jan Witt continues “We are enormously grateful and absolutely thrilled with the number of solicitors who are generously giving their time for free in support of The Forever Friends Appeal and donating their fees to help the hospital continue its valuable work it does, it is truly appreciated! Being the very first time we have ran this type of scheme, we are hoping that the general public will come onboard with Will month and show their support whilst having peace of mind that their affairs will be put in order.”

To take part in the scheme simply call one of the participating solicitors listed below now and make your appointment for September stating that you are taking part in the RUH’s Make a Will Month or contact Jan Witt for an information leaflet on Tel 01225 825819 or email jan.witt@nhs.net / visit https://www.foreverfriendsappeal.co.uk/make-a-will-month

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