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Appeal gets boost from phone app

The Royal United Hospital Forever Friends appeal has received a boost to its fundraising campaign with the help of a global digital pioneer based in the region. The RUH appeal commissioned its own a mobile phone app allowing it to communicate directly into the palms of its supporters and receive donations on-the-move. The app went live this week.

Moball, part of the Warbler Digital Group, which was born out of Bath University’s Innovation Centre a decade ago, has tapered its state of the art app technology to help the charity sector. The Forever Friends appeal is the first of many in the UK to launch.

The company, which now has offices around the globe, said it has been using the technology in the US with celebrities raising money for charitable causes and had a moment where it realised this could be of great value to charities back home.

“Around 76% of the UK now owns a smartphone. It’s incredibly useful to be so closely in-touch with fundraisers. We are amid a revolution in the way charities and businesses communicate and Moball is not just a bog standard app. It has a couple of hugely effective features for the charity sector,’ said Helen Lancaster, Head of Communication at Moball.

“‘If you download the hospital’s Forever Friends app (It’s free!), you can see how things are changing. The user arrives at the app homepage menu. There’s a button to read relevant news, see upcoming events, upload your photos and videos and a button to donate directly.They can send supporters all sorts of relevant messages, which contain video, photos, vouchers, discounts or a simple ‘thankyou’. “

“Probably the most powerful feature though, is what we call ‘geofencing’,” said Lancaster, adding: “A charity can set up alliances say with local events and shops offering discounts and donations. As an example, they could send a message to their app users passing within a set perimeter (geofence) of an event or shop. That event organiser or shop will have agreed to donate an amount or give the app customer a discount for every admission or purchase. It benefits all. The event or shop gets a greater footfall, the charity much needed donations and the app user the feeling of goodwill.”

Richard Gyde, web designer at The Forever Friends commented: “We are extremely pleased with the mobile app. We knew things were moving on and that larger charities were benefitting from smartphone apps to fundraise. It was a real boon then to find a local company that specializes in the non-profit field and is leading ahead with some great fundraising features.”

Moball said it prides itself on holding the hands of charities into the digital age and Richard Gyde would appear to agree.

“We were surprised how straightforward it all was. They (Moball) talked us through every step of the way in easy terms and we now have the relationship where we know we can call on them to help us fully explore the apps potential.”

The RUH Forever Friends Appeal app went live this week for digital phones. To download it click onto iTunes App store here. The android app will be available on ‘Play store’ within the month.

Moball offers free online demonstrations and question and answer sessions on mobile apps. If you would like to learn more, get in touch at hello@warblerdigital.com

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