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Brain cancer no obstacle for Bath man raising money for RUH

A Bath man is determined to hold a charity sale for cancer despite being in the grip of the disease, yet again.

Last month (April), Tony Davidge decided to hold a sale to raise money for two cancer causes to celebrate 25 years of surviving with cancer.

Shortly afterwards, the 63-year-old felt his legs “go heavy” while sat at his computer at home in Fairfield Park.

“I shuffled to the phone, dialled 999, then collapsed on the floor,” he said.

“Next thing I know, I hear someone knocking on the door saying, `Mr Davidge, Mr Davidge, can you let me in’.”

A later MRI scan confirmed he had secondary cancer in both sides of his brain.

The diagnosis came eight years after doctors discovered cancer nodules in his lungs, and 14 years after having a kidney tumour removed.

At the time, doctors told Tony he could have had the slow-growing kidney cancer since 1990.

So the charity sale on Saturday May 30 marks 25 years with the disease.

Speaking in early May, Tony was about to start treatment at the Royal United Hospital for his brain cancer.

But he was not about to let that stop him from holding his sale for the hospital’s new cancer unit and Stand Up To Cancer, an appeal for Cancer Research UK.

With the help of family and friends, Tony has distributed more than 2,000 leaflets in Bath and as far afield as Corsham advertising the charity sale at Oriel Hall in Larkhall on Saturday May 30.

His garage is full of “as new” toys, books, games, and non-perishables food items donated by the community for the sale.

Tony said he was extremely grateful to Macdonald Bath Spa for vouchers it has donated, and to his friends and family, and shopkeepers in Larkhall and Fairfield, for their help and support.

There will be an indoor bouncy castle and all are welcome to the free-entry event.

Tea and cakes will be available for a small cost.

Anyone who would like to donate goods or help Tony at the event can call him on 01225 312306.

Story & Photo ©Bath chronicle

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