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Breast Unit Expansion Project Update

Following the huge support from the public, the Breast Unit Expansion build is now underway following delays caused by the pandemic.

Phase 1 – construction of the extension

The extension will sit between the existing Breast Unit and Radiology which means there is a need to ensure there are no adverse effects caused by vibration to the nearby PET-CT which could affect the quality of scans. Monitoring will continue until the end of the construction.

  • Contractor Site Set-up; which started 19th July, immediately after completion of the CT4 project
  • Foundations and Drainage are now complete
  • Colour and finishes schedule for walls, flooring, and furniture
  • Detailed Equipment Schedule

Phase 2 – Works within the existing building

Sequencing of the works is designed to enable the clinical team to continue seeing and treating patients during each sequence; detailed planning about to start for vacating and re-occupying each area in-turn.

  • Sequence 1: Install new mechanical and electrical services which will feed the new extension and roof-mounted air handling unit (until end of contract)
  • Sequence 2A: Redecorate walls in the Ultrasound Room
  • Sequence 2B: Demolitions and rebuilding works to form the new Treatment Room and Store Room;refurbishment of Examination Room 3
  • Sequence 3A: Refurbish Consulting Room 3 and redecorating a section of corridor
  • Sequence 3B: Refurbish Consulting Room 4 and Examination Room 4
  • Sequence 4: Refurbish Reception

Phase 3 – Garden

Erect hoarding around the Peace Garden space; develop the Courtyard Garden (to end of contract)

The Principal Contractor remains focused on both phase 1 and 2 works being practically completed by 8 December and the newly enlarged department commissioned and fully operational by 22nd December.

Behind the scenes

“My name is Karen & I am a Breast Cancer Support Worker. I work alongside the BreastNurses in the Breast Unit. I joined the RUH & the Breast team at the end of March 2020– right at the beginning of lockdown!

It is a really exciting time to be working in the Breast Unit with all the extension plans moving forward. For me, the most exciting part is that we will have our own treatment room, so I will be able to do nipple tattooing for the patients who require it, on a more regular basis. Currently, it is difficult to fit in this clinic, as we have to share the room with the consultants.

I would like to say a big ‘Thank you’ to you all for your kind donations. Without your generosity, we wouldn’t be able to extend our unit or provide a better environment for the patients who have to attend the Breast Unit.”