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Head shave for cancer care

MARCH 2013 is a significant date in Melanie Hunter’s life and to mark it she’s shaving her head to boost funds for the Forever Friends Appeal at Bath’s Royal United Hospital.

For five-years-ago in March, Melanie was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma after a 12 centimetre tumour was found in her chest wall.

It was discovered after Mel’s husband Jon insisted on a doctor’s appointment – specialist consultants told her she would not have survived if she’d waited a further three weeks.

Mel, who turns 40 this summer, from Box, is a legal assistant at Mogers Solicitors LLP in Queen Square, Bath, and on Friday March 22 will lose her hair for a second time.

The first was due to chemotherapy but the second was inspired by Jessie J’s efforts for Comic Relief.

“It was around the 22nd of March 2008 I started losing my hair which is why I’ve picked the date,” said Mel.  My hair started falling out in handfuls after my first cycle at which point I decided to stop waiting for the inevitable and instead would shave it off myself.  It was a strange but liberating moment in my life.

“I got a wig which I called Barbara but I only used her for two trips,” she laughs.

“I was always active and used to run and I remember thinking I will never complain about running and going to the gym again; of course I have done but this year I ran the Bath Half marathon for me and for the bald woman who couldn’t get out of bed.

“Having my head shaved is my way of thanking the cancer unit who looked after me so beautifully. For me the RUH was just fantastic from the person who made me a cup of tea in the morning, to the nurses who gave me chemotherapy and radiotherapy to the consultants who saw me before every treatment.

“I am here because of the wonderful and extraordinary care that I received.  I wanted to raise some money to help the RUH build a pioneering new Cancer Centre so that that more people like me will be around in five years time.”

Mel, who has raised so far around £1,000 in sponsorship, is charging a minimum of £5 to friends and colleagues who want to wield the razor.

To sponsor Mel log on at www.justgiving.com/mogers24