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History Makers of Bath – Heroes, Heroines and Villains

A very exciting exhibition will take place in Bath celebrating some of the famous, and occasionally infamous, people who have left a lasting impression on the city.

Located in the Abbey Churchyard at Kingston Parade, this outdoor exhibition has been sponsored by local businesses and organisations with the Lead Sponsor being St John’s Hospital. This is particularly appropriate since St John’s has been providing support to those in need within the city since 1174. Many of the History Makers may have had first-hand knowledge of St John’s and its work for the people of Bath.

From follies to novels and from Royalty to rogues, this World Heritage city of Bath has a wonderful past with so many dynamic and inspirational personalities.  This exhibition depicts the legacies of 28 notable individuals on colourful panels that will be accessible by everyone.

Over the seven-week exhibition, these stimulating display panels will create a memorable feature showing stunning images and informative details enabling visitors to explore relevant museums, cultural centres, churches and even cemeteries!  This will form a “treasure trail” around the city linking the past and the present together and will run from 4 September until 23 October.

It is well known, for example, that Mary Shelley completed her Frankenstein novel in Bath but not so many people will be aware that Sidney Horstmann manufactured magnificent cars in the city. A fine example of one of the Horstmann cars can be seen at the Museum of Bath at Work.

Sue Tucker, Development Officer from The Forever Friends Appeal, said “This amazing exhibition I am sure will be a credit to Bath and we are so delighted to be the beneficiary charity with proceeds supporting the Cancer Care Campaign.  The diversity of people who have helped to fashion this city, in so many different aspects, is really highlighted in this exhibition and the fact that it is freely available to everyone – from the young to the not so young, is wonderful!”

For further information and opportunities to sponsor a History Maker, please contact

Angela Calvert-Jones, History Makers of Bath:  info@Bathcelebrities.co.uk

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