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Leaving a lasting legacy and helping patients in the future

Jan Witt is the Legacy & In Memory Officer for the Appeal. A major part of her role is to promote, administer and process all legacy enquiries and gifts for the whole of the RUH. Here she explains how gifts left in wills are crucial to the fundraising work we do and the big difference they can make to the future of the hospital.

“The subject of legacies can be difficult and sometimes tricky to talk about, but, as part of my job, I have the opportunity not only to build and develop wonderful relationships with legators and their families, but also see the
impact their gifts have on the RUH.

“For many people, the ability and wish to give during their lifetime is very limited and therefore they often choose to leave a gift in their will to benefit the RUH, however big or small, that is very close to their hearts for a variety
of reasons. This often provides them with an opportunity to say thank you for the care received and a way for them to give something back, thus helping the hospital to plan and secure opportunities for the future.

“In the last couple of years the generosity of legacy donors has helped to fund some valuable projects for many wards and departments of the RUH, and also towards our major fundraising campaigns:
• £200,000 helped towards the funding of a Gamma CT Scanner for the Nuclear Medicine department.
• £158,000 has so far been received towards our current RUH Cancer Care Campaign.
• £418,000 has benefited many of the 70 wards and departments across the Trust and has been used towards the purchase of medical equipment, patient amenities, funding for research, plus those finishing touches and ‘extras’ that complement the high quality of care our patients receive.

“Whilst many wish to choose to leave their wonderful gift to us for a specific ward or department, it is important to bear in mind that names of wards and departments can change. It is often better to say what your intended area of
support is to The Forever Friends Appeal, using the categories as follows:

General, Older People, Cardiology, Children, Critical Care, Cancer, Arts, and General Research

“No matter how large or small, a gift in a will is an incredibly thoughtful way to support the RUH. You can be sure that it will make a difference to the care provided to the 500,000 people living in Bath & North East Somerset, Wiltshire, South Gloucestershire and Somerset long into the future.”

If you would like to find out more about legacies or wish to talk to Jan confidentially regarding your wishes, please call her on Tel: 01225 825819, email jan.witt@nhs.net or visit our Legacy web page

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