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How to maximise the money you can raise

Raising money for charity is a not only a great way to support fantastic causes, it can also be a personally fulfilling and rewarding experience. Here’s how to make the most money possible.

Get online

Having an online presence for your fundraising mission is vital if you want to raise as much money as possible. A good way to kick-start your fundraising efforts is to set up an online donations page.

Here at The Forever Friends Appeal, we recommend the use of JustGiving.

Once set-up your online page can then become the hub of your fundraising activity, giving those that want to donate to your cause an easy way to do it using a credit or debit card, allowing you to update family and friends with how you are getting on, as well as providing a snapshot of how much money you’ve raised so far.

In addition to a dedicated donations page, more and more people now create an online blog to keep their supporters up to date with their fundraising efforts.

This can be a great place to upload photos and videos of your fundraising activities and training, especially if you are preparing for a charity event, (running a marathon, swimming the channel or a bike ride for example).

Be social

There can be no doubt that in the modern world that social media, including Facebook, Twitter and Google + are all useful tools to boost donations.

On average every time you post a link to your donations page via Facebook, at least 3 of your friends will visit your page, while accompanying your posts with personal messages and pictures increases their appeal even more.

While it can be tempting to post a link to your donations page every hour, you need to strike a careful balance between promoting your cause and overwhelming people with pleads for donations.

Avoid overwhelming your friends but post your request often enough to keep your mission at the forefront of their minds.

A good way to promote your efforts beyond your own friends is to ask family members and close friends to share your posts to spread the word.

Don’t forget to tag The Forever Friends Appeal in posts or tweets to help other see the cause you are supporting (Facebook: The Forever Friends Appeaal, Twitter: @foreverfriendsa or Google plus: The Forever Friends Appeal)

Just Text

A great way to get people to donate on the go is to get them to use their mobile phones.

Using the Just Text service you can create a unique code that makes it possible for people to donate to your chosen cause by text. (If you set-up a JustGiving page you can set this at the same time.)

You simply need to get them to text your unique code followed by the amount they would like to donate to: 70070 (the Just Text number).

Setting up a text giving number gives you an easy way to get donations from people who don’t have a lot of time or aren’t able to donate in person so it’s well worth doing.

Display your text number clearly whenever you’re fundraising, posting about your fundraising online.

Mobilise the media

Getting in touch with your local newspaper or radio station can be a great way to give your fund raising efforts extra exposure and boost your fundraising balance.

Draft a press release detailing who you are what you’re doing, why you’re raising money for your chosen charity and most importantly of all how people can support you and donate.

Then send this press release to local media outlets; many are keen to promote local charity fundraising efforts and any exposure they can give you could make a big difference.

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