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Royal High School helps to complete Gamma-CT Scanner Campaign

Year 12 girls from Royal High School have spent the last academic year working towards their £10 Challenge for Charity. Several teams of 47 girls were asked to use their strategic and entrepreneurship skills to make a profit from a mere £10. All together they raised a fantastic £1741.55 for The Forever Friends Appeal at the RUH and their Cancer Care Campaign– raising funds towards a Gamma-CT Scanner.

Since the cheque was presented to The Forever Friends Appeal on 4th July 2012, all funds needed for the High Sheriff’s Challenge have either been raised or pledged with thanks to all those that have supported. The Forever Friends Appeal can now announce that not only has the High Sheriff’s Challenge been completed, but also that the Gamma-CT Scanner has been ordered.

The fundraising activities carried out by different groups were creative to say the least, some groups baked cakes and others baked dog treats and sold them at local dog shows. A movie night was set up for the younger years and all the screaming fans of the heart-throbbing film Twilight went along. One group of girls spent a lot of time making hundreds of Christmas decorations and sold them at the Guildhall Christmas Market in 2011. Some girls put their gardening gloves on and hand-picked holly to make their Christmas wreaths and others stayed indoors to knit Christmas stockings. One career-driven student decided to take this opportunity to take advantage of her art skills and sold self-portraits to local families- a great skill to add to her CV!

Mary Corp, a 16 year old pupil says: “We had fun working together and were glad to be supporting such an amazing cause, winning chocolates at the end was just a bonus!”

This has been the first year the pupils of Royal High School have set this challenge and are already looking forward to next year’s activities.

Zoe Tainton from The Forever Friends Appeal comments: “The girls did an amazing job! The planning, risk-taking and strategic decisions involved are essential skills for any employee in the business world. It has been great that they have worked so well as a team and raised such a great amount for our Cancer Care Campaign- we are thrilled!”

Now that Phase One- raising £650,000 towards a new Gamma-CT Scanner has been completed, The Forever Friends Appeal would like to thank everyone who has so generously supported this first phase.

During his year as High Sheriff of Somerset, John Cullum was pleased to be instrumental in launching this campaign: “Match funding is a great incentive for those raising money and I was pleased to be part of it and to see such a positive result” said John.

The Radiologists; Martyn, Stewart & Richard are truly delighted and appreciative of those who held fundraising events, ran miles and everyone who has donated towards this piece of equipment. Stewart Redman, Consultant Radiologist said “This new state-of-the-art Gamma-CT Scanner will improve the way we can scan and diagnose patients with cancer and other life-threatening conditions. It will reduce the number of scans required and mean fewer visits for our patients too. We can’t wait until it is installed in the autumn – thank you all so much.”