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State-of-the-art new equipment marks milestone for Cancer Care Campaign

New state-of-the-art medical equipment has been introduced to the Royal United Hospital’s Cancer Care Campaign.

The Forever Friends Appeal raised £650k towards a new Computed Tomography Simulator (CT Sim) that will allow for more complex radiotherapy treatment for the RUH’s cancer patients.

CT Sim1

The charity and the RUH held a small reception for the official opening of the new equipment, joined by guest of honour, Her Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant of Somerset, Anne Maw.

The new CT Sim will replace a simulator that is 10-years-old and significantly out of date.

CT Sim is a process used to determine the exact location, shape and size of tumours which need to be treated.

Images are obtained to create a virtual 3-dimensional image of the patient so that radiation treatment can specifically target cancerous tissues.

Before the arrival of this new equipment, hundreds of RUH cancer patients who needed a CT scan for the most complex radiotherapy planning had to go to the Oncology Centre in Bristol to get their images.

The new Sim was delivered to the RUH site in March 2016 and is now fully operational helping patients across the RUH’s catchment area.

Its main home will be in the new Cancer Centre where the equipment will be re-located in 2020.

Sue MacGregor, RUH radiotherapy service manager said: “My whole team are delighted with the new CT Sim machine which will help so many of our patients with cancer. Thank you to everyone for your support.”

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