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Why I supported RUH Will Month

Heather kirby

Why I give my support to RUH Will Month – by Heather Kirby, RUH patient

Whilst I was having Radiotherapy at the RUH, I became interested in the hospital’s charity, The  Forever Friends Appeal. Knowing one of their fundraising campaigns was to fund towards the building of a new pioneering Cancer Centre, I wanted to show my support.  I wanted to give something back to the RUH for all they had done for me and the marvellous care and support I have received.

I heard about their annual RUH Will Month scheme and although I had a Will, it was in serious need of updating. RUH Will Month enabled me to have my Will updated by a professional solicitor at a reduced fee, which was then donated back to the  hospital’s charity. I loved the idea as I was able to get my affairs in order and have the knowledge that I was giving back to my hospital and will help to continue providing exceptional care for its patients and their families, just like it did for me. Here’s my story:

I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in January 2012. My journey started at Christmas in 2011 when I was in the bath and felt a lump in my breasts.   I visited my doctor the very next day who immediately booked me an appointment for the Breast Clinic at my local hospital, the RUH.

After examinations and tests, I was told the news that it was Cancer and I was immediately put on a course of tablets to see if the tumour would shrink.  Unfortunately this did not happen and I was giving the devastating news that I had to have a full mastectomy, followed two weeks later having all my lymph nodes removed in my armpit.

After the operation, I had six sessions of Chemotherapy but I was lucky, as I fortunately didn’t have too many side effects.  However, during this treatment I felt very restless, unable to concentrate and found it extremely difficult to read, watch television or even hold a conversation with anyone for long, including my friends. A month later, I had 20 days of Radiotherapy which left me extremely weary and by session number 15, I was only able to do things in small amounts before becoming extremely exhausted.

I made a decision to accept the Cancer and put on a fight, as I could either sink or swim and no way was the Cancer taking over my life and let it defeat me.  I would ask questions and had lots of support from friends and neighbours who helped me cope.

RUH Will Month is a great opportunity to not only make or update your Will at a reduced cost by Professional Will Writers and provide you with peace of mind, but it is an opportunity to support your local hospital now and in the future.

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