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Ted meets Frome Solicitors to say a big thank you

Ted meets three out of the four Frome Solicitors to say a big Thank you! for supporting The Forever Friends Appeal’s brand new initiative ‘RUH Will Month’ running throughout September. Participating Solicitors Caroline Fletcher (Harris & Harris), James Hollis (FDC Law) and Emma Vautier (Brown & Vautier Solicitors) are kindly showing their support by providing a professional Will Writing Service and waiving their fees to support their local hospital.

A full list of participating solicitors can be found here

Caroline Fletcher, Associate Solicitor for Harris & Harris and an expert in Wills comments:

“We are very proud to support The Forever Friends Appeal by participating in their Make a Will Month.

“Making a Will is very important as it is the only way to ensure your estate is distributed in accordance with your wishes. If you do not make a Will then the Intestacy Rules will apply to your estate which means that it will be distributed according to the Law. This may result in people you never intended benefiting.

“Having your Will drafted by a properly qualified professional, means you can ensure that your estate passes to those people or charities that you intend. By making your Will during Make a Will Month, not only do you benefit from professional advice, you are also helping a worthwhile local charity.”

Jan Witt, Legacy Officer for The Forever Friends Appeal said, “Many of us put off making a will thinking there will be time to do it later, and it is estimated that only one third of the population has an up to date will which reflects their current situation.

“Making a will or updating your existing one gives you full control over your money and assets to guarantee they go to the people and the causes you care about most.

“It is perfectly legal to write your own will, but few of us have the skills needed to do this properly.  To help you with this, The Forever Friends Appeal is proud to be working with professional solicitors around the RUH catchment area and hosting its first ever ‘Make a Will’ campaign during the month of September.

“16 participating solicitors will charge a fee of £100 to draw up a standard will or £150 for a standard double will and their fees will be donated to The Forever Friends Appeal.

“Four main events which may require you to consider and update your will include marriage, a new family member, a divorce, or a death.”

Find out more by visiting our Make a Will month page

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