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The rain doesn’t stop Box Rocks as it raises over £2,000

Heavy rain failed to dampen spirits at this year’s Box Rocks festival. The Bank Holiday Monday event, at The Queens Head in the village, carried on regardless, with bands continuing to play despite heavy showers.

Hundreds of people sheltered under the pub’s marquee as the rain lashed down.

Landlord Dean Creighton said Straight Shooter played the bad weather away around 5pm.

He said: “It would actually take a tornado coming through my car park to stop us.

“Obviously we didn’t get our normal amount of people, but we were still in the hundreds by the end of the day.

“The crowds were phenomenal for turning out in the rain, we do have a lot of really good support for Box Rocks.

“When you get all these people prepared to come out in the rain and support the event, that just shows how well liked it is.”

Box Rocks began at The Queens Head 21 years ago.

The day featured music from seven different bands, including The Adam Rose Band, Straight Shooter and The Corporations, collecting £2,076.53 for The Forever Friends Appeal.

Appeal staff are campaigning to raise £8.5 million for a cancer centre at the Royal United Hospital in Bath. This year’s total means Box Rocks has raised more than £25,000 for the Forever Friends so far.

Mr Creighton said: “The Forever Friends are fantastic, they man the doors with us all the way through, and if anyone wants any information about where the money goes they are there.

“The bands are always really good and we never have a problem trying to fill the slots because we take pride in what we do and we do build a proper show.

“It’s not just a band on the back of a lorry.”

Story & Photo courtesy of Bath Chronicle

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