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Trekking Everest for the Dyson Cancer Centre

Penny Slayton_Everest Base Camp

Thanks to Penny Slayton’s determination to show support for our RUH Cancer Campaign, she’s raised more than £1,500 for the new Dyson Cancer Centre.

She said: “I got the fundraising bug in 2017 after completing a wing walk. I decided that my next adventure was a trek to Everest base camp to raise more funds. I started training, gradually increasing distance, time and backpack weight. I trekked with eight others including Australians, Americans, Canadians, and five Sherpas. The Sherpas were fantastic; they were great company and looked after us all amazingly.

“There were so many highlights – climbing Kala Patthar at 18,000ft to watch the sun set over Everest was just magical, camping in minus 12 degrees and waking up with frosty eyelashes, and hearing the boom of the avalanches. Also flying into Lukla, the world’s most dangerous airport, with the Himalayan peaks above the helicopter, and walking along the valleys with helicopters flying below you. The scale of the place is mind-blowing!

“The biggest challenge of all was the altitude. You feel your body working harder to compensate for the lack of oxygen – it wasn’t a nice feeling. Walking on the narrow track got tricky especially when a convoy of yaks came towards us. And the loos, well there’s no further explanation needed!

“It’s great to know that the money I’ve raised will help future patients. I was diagnosed with cancer in June 2012 and this amount is a little gesture to say thanks to the incredibly caring, supportive and professional team at the RUH.”

Thank you Penny for taking your steps for the RUH.