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Ward for older people at RUH wins official approval

A specialist ward for older people at Bath’s Royal United Hospital has won official approval for how well it looks after patients in its care.

The Combe Ward is one of just 27 in the country to have earned the Elder Friendly Quality Mark.

The seal of approval from the Royal College of Psychiatrists came after the ward was assessed for the quality of the care it provides to patients.

Patients were asked about their care, food and drink, whether they were kept comfortable, and the level of support from staff.

What is the Quality Mark?

The premise for the Quality Mark is that good quality care for older people on a hospital ward requires:

The hospital/senior management team:

  • to identify the particular needs of older people in the acute hospital setting and the risks of admission;
  • to understand basic care requirements and acknowledge that high quality care for this group of patients is a pre-requisite for achieving a good standard of care overall;
  • to support, enable and equip ward managers to create a care environment that can meet the needs of frail older people.

The ward manager and lead clinician to lead, motivate and enable the ward staff team to deliver high quality care to frail older people.

The behaviours and actions of the ward staff result in high quality care.

Patients and carers to perceive all of the above coming together into a positive experience of care.

The aim of this quality improvement programme is to support and encourage wards to provide a standard of care that can minimise or eliminate those risks arising from an ill-informed or under-equipped approach to the basic care needs of this group, which comprises up to two thirds of acute hospital admissions.

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