Raising £2m towards the unique RNHRD & Therapies Centre at the Royal United Hospitals Bath (RUH).

The vision for the new Centre is to create a nurturing environment with dedicated facilities for rheumatology, therapies and pain management services. The new building will include a large hydrotherapy pool, specialist gym and rehabilitation equipment, and a biologics treatment space.

The new RNHRD & Therapies Centre will be one of the first buildings visible to everyone on arrival at the hospital, alongside the main hospital entrance and, in due course, the new Dyson Cancer Centre. The latest designs also includes landscaping proposals to create a welcoming space at the front of the hospital, connecting the two new keynote buildings with our existing main entrance, and setting the hospital entrance into the context of its surroundings in the World Heritage City of Bath.



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Find out how we are planning to bring the heritage of the RNHRD to the new RNHRD & Therapies Centre.

Current facilities are out of date, dispersed across the hospital, on two different sites and do not complement or help facilitate the hospital’s aims for achieving the highest quality of clinical care.

The new building will bring together many of the services currently located at the Mineral Hospital and in RUH North, namely rheumatology, therapies and pain management services under one roof.

Along with other current building developments on the RUH site, we are determined to provide a holistic solution to the care and wellbeing of our patients.

The total cost of the new RNHRD & Therapies Centre is c£16million. A partnership of NHS and charitable funding has proved highly successful in ensuring that similar pioneering projects at the RUH succeed.

The Brownsword Challenge. For every pound you donate the Foundation will match it – up to the level of £1 million!