The Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic Diseases (RNHRD) has been treating patients from across the country since 1742 with a reputation for its expertise and the quality of patient care.

The RNHRD has a reputation for being one of the best Rheumatology Centres in the world, with an outstanding research programme and post-graduate training that has attracted doctors, nurses and therapists from around the globe.

Roayl Mineral HospitalResearch and development is an important part of both the RNHRD and the RUH’s work. It informs treatment programmes and contributes to a better understanding of many conditions. The hospitals have close links to local universities with a commitment to research.

By combining the RNHRD and Therapies, we will expand the possibilities, opportunities, and treatments available to patients and staff in one location.

Through research studies we have provided patients with access to treatments that may not have otherwise been available to them, improved quality of care and contributed to discovering the most effective ways of treating and preventing a wide range of diseases.

The new RNHRD & Brownsword Therapies Centre will uphold the legacy and the ethos of the RNHRD, as services from both hospital sites move under one roof to provide an optimal patient experience.

Amanda Pacey, Clinical and Operational Head for the RNHRD Site and Matron
Amanda-Pacey-web“The RNHRD has provided high quality specialist care for patients with rheumatic diseases for many years. We look after people with long-term conditions and build good relationships with our patients as we see them regularly for their ongoing treatment and care. It is so important that we provide a nurturing and therapeutic environment that they feel they can return to as and when needed.”

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