Along with other current building developments on the RUH site, we are determined to provide a holistic solution to the care and wellbeing of our patients.

In the RNHRD & Therapies Centre we are achieving this through the combination of Clinical Excellence / Therapeutic & Optimal Space / Integrated Research & Trials — all aimed at reducing stress and creating a uniquely beneficial healing environment for patients and their families.

Research confirms what every patient knows – that our environment has an effect on the way that we feel. Walking into a building that emits a sense of care and wellbeing and that embraces good practice, can immediately reduce anxiety and promote a sense of optimism. This is an integral part of the new design.

Included will be:

  • Use of natural light – to give bright, spacious interiors not dependent on harsh artificial lighting.
  • Reduction of noise – (including ventilation and plumbing) and use of sound absorbent surfaces.
  • Art, nature and greenery – appropriately located for a positive impact on patient recovery.
  • Garden areas – creating an ‘oasis’ and offering a calming view / place to sit, reducing stress and providing a sense of normality.
  • Improved staff links with research centres
  • Integrating research with delivery of high quality care.


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