Staff in the RUH Critical Care Unit are celebrating generous charity donations that will help support its major refurbishment project and modernise and further improve patient care.

The hospital’s League of Friends charity has donated £150,000 to The Forever Friends Appeal to install new electronic equipment – called patient service columns – beside each patient’s bed.

The £150,000 target was set by The Forever Friends Appeal when it launched the Critical Care Special Appeal last year, and now it has been exceeded thanks to the League of Friends, local Rotary Clubs and individual donors.

Musician and BBC radio presenter Tom Robinson also raised more than £10,000 from a concert in memory of his band’s guitarist, Danny Kustow, who died in the Unit earlier this year.

The Critical Care team delivers lifesaving treatment to the most unwell and most vulnerable 2% of the RUH patient population. Around 850 patients are treated in the Unit every year, with 87% being discharged to an appropriate ward for continuing care.

A special celebration event was held at the RUH to thank supporters of the Unit, including patients and their families.

Stan Barker, Chair of the RUH League of Friends said: “We decided to donate the full £150,000 after seeing the incredible work the staff do in the unit and the real need for new equipment like the patient service columns.

“I would like to thank all of our staff, our volunteers and the public for helping to raise the money, which is mostly through our café and hospital shop, as well as from donations and legacies.”

Andy Georgiou, Critical Care Lead Consultant said: “Thank you to The Forever Friends Appeal, the League of Friends and all of the supporters for helping to raise the money needed for the refurbishment of our unit.

“This is going to revolutionise patient care here in the RUH through the installation of patient service columns. These columns will house a new clinical information system at the bedside and provide medical equipment, electrical power and gasses from a single convenient point. This means we will have improved access to the patient for emergency or special procedures right when we need it. Electronic data also means we’ll be able to offer much more nursing time to care for our patients.”

Tom Robinson said: “The care my friend Danny received at the RUH was exemplary over a number of years and particularly so in Critical Care in the last days of his life. Staff were so welcoming and personal. Huge thanks to everyone in Critical Care – you deserve all the support you get and more power to your elbow.”