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speech and language therapy appeal

The Big Give Christmas Challenge – see your donation doubled

We continue to fundraise for the Speech and Language Therapy Special Appeal. Our aim is to purchase a portable machine that will enable our speech and language therapists provide rapid assessments to patients who have swallowing difficulties.

The machine which can be easily used at a patient’s bedside will be a game-changer for patients with COVID-19 as well as benefit patients who have problems swallowing as a result of conditions such as Parkinson’s disease, dementia or from having a stroke.

Make one donation and see it doubled in The Big Give Christmas Challenge

We’re taking part in The Big Give Christmas Challenge 2020 and during the week of 1 – 8 December  donations made to this appeal will be doubled. This is a fantastic opportunity to help us reach our goal to purchase this machine. A gift of any size will be greatly received and will help us make a difference to these patients.

Donations can be made from 12pm on 1st December here: https://bit.ly/3lA8Ovf

Claire Young, Speech and Language Therapist at the RUH said: “Patients who have been on a ventilator from COVID -19 have a 30% chance of suffering from swallowing difficulties. A person with a healthy pair of lungs can cope with a bit of food and drink going the wrong way and it might not be the end of the world if they can cough it out. But when someone has COVID-19 their lung function is really poor and they may have trouble coordinating their breathing and swallowing, making them very vulnerable. A swallowing assessment is really important in coronavirus care for that reason.

“Patients who require ongoing respiratory support may struggle with eating and drinking safely and currently the only option to assess these patients is for them to have a special type of x-ray. However, this is not possible for a patient in intensive care as they cannot leave that environment.  But the machine our charity is fundraising for would allow a therapist to assess their swallowing without delay and treatment can be recommended straight away, helping patients recover sooner and be discharged from intensive care.”

For details about the Speech and Language Therapy Appeal please click here.


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Make a pledge to The Big Give

This year we are applying to take part in the Big Give Christmas Challenge, the UK’s biggest online match funding campaign. We’re hoping to raise vital funds for our Speech and Language Therapy Special Appeal. 

As part of our application, we need supporters to make promises of funding, called ‘Pledges’, which will be used as match funds to double online donations made to our charity during the campaign. Your commitment of funding might also help us to secure additional match funds via a Champion (sourced by the Big Give).

We are aiming to raise a total of £2,500 in pledges to take part in the Christmas Challenge. Would you consider making a pledge to help us reach our target?

If you would be willing to make a pledge to us, you can do so by completing this online form by the deadline of 5pm Friday 28th August.

What is the Christmas Challenge?

The Christmas Challenge (the UK’s biggest online match funding campaign) helps UK-registered charities to raise funds for their projects by doubling donations when the campaign goes live on 1st December. You can find full details of the Christmas Challenge, and how your pledge will enable us to be part of the UK’s largest Matched Funding Challenge, on theBigGive.org.uk. Research shows that 84% of donors are more likely to give in a match funding campaign and that donations are on average 2.5 times bigger so we’re very excited about the opportunity to take part.

How does it work?

  • The matching pots used to double donations for charities taking part in the Christmas Challenge are made up of a combination of funds. These are funds sourced by the charity (‘Pledges’) and funds sourced by the Big Give (‘Champions’) which are available if we are successfully selected by a Champion.
  • The timeline for fulfilling the pledge (i.e. transferring the funds to us) is 9th December 2020 – 15th January 2021.
  • Fulfilment of your pledge is conditional on us receiving the appropriate online donations during the campaign (1st December – 8th December). You will only be required to pay a pro-rata amount of your pledge if we don’t hit our online target – it’s our guarantee to you that we are committed to raising additional donations.
  • Please note that if you pledge to The Forever Friends Appeal you will not be able to make an online donation to us in December because your pledge will be used to match these donations.

Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have questions about the Christmas Challenge and what being a Pledger could mean to The Forever Friends Appeal. Contact Rosie Scott, Trusts and Foundations Officer, email: rosie.scott@nhs.net or tel: 07824836256


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