The new Cancer Centre will be prominently located on the site of what is currently the 1940’s ‘RUH North’.  Its construction will be logistically complex with services continuing either in situ or temporarily relocated. Consultant architects Nightingale Associates have helped develop a phased Estates Development Strategy which includes the sequential demolition of RUH North and the construction of the new Centre by 2019/20.


  • The stages of new build have to fit within the available spaces created by a phased programme of demolition.
  • The resulting completed new building has to effectively ‘bridge’ the void between the modern ‘RUH Central’ and Linear Accelerator Bunkers (‘Linacs’ – used for Radiotherapy treatment) in which RUH has invested heavily in recent years.
  • The new Centre will require an estimated total floor area of 7500sq m to be able to accommodate new services and the range of Cancer Services now being brought together from disparate parts of the RUH site.
  • The finished Centre will feature a stunning central Atrium area used to create light, space and a choice of waiting areas in calm surroundings.
  • The Centre will be designed to meet high standards regarding its sustainability and energy use.

The new RUH Cancer Centre will maintain the Trust at the forefront of innovation in healthcare buildings, and its place at the leading edge of mainstream Cancer Care in hospitals of its kind.

 Your help will make a real difference for those affected by cancer. 

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The new Cancer Centre will be prominently located on the site of what is currently the 1940’s ‘RUH North and is part of a complex redevelopment.

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