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In order to achieve a good quality design that is fit for purpose, the correct people need to be involved from the outset. Involvement of and consultation with patients, their relatives and staff is key. This process has started with the establishment of a number of work stream groups covering areas within the Cancer unit such as:

  • Outpatient Clinic rooms and waiting areas
  • Day care unit
  • Chemotherapy suite
  • Inpatient Ward accommodation including single rooms
  • Support services including Medical Physics and Pharmacy
  • Research and Education
  • Patient support and Information facilities

The aim of the new building is to create a unique environment which enables staff to provide patient centred care in a therapeutic healing environment and that reduces patient stress and anxiety, and promotes health. The new building will be located close to support services e.g. the new Combined Therapies building and Breast Unit and adjacent to improved patient and visitor car parking facilities.

© images IBI Group Architects impression

The Design and Build Team

The design of the new building is in its early stages but the aim is to achieve a building that as you enter promotes a feeling of calm and that reduces feelings of stress or anxiety for the patient and their relatives.

The use of natural light, reduction of noise, external spaces, greenery and artwork are all known to have a positive effect on healing and the patient experience. These will be incorporated into all areas of design within the new unit, including inpatient and outpatient, internal and external spaces.

The design team has already been established and consists of:

  • Architects – IBI, who are based in the UK and have a strong background in Healthcare building design and construction,
  • Kier as our construction partners and
  • Aecom cost advisors.

All of whom the Trust has worked with on the new Pathology building and are continuing to work with on the new Pharmacy design. We have also recently been joined by Provelio who will provide Project Management support and advice for the development of the North of the site.

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