The building will be designed around the patient journey, from the front door through to the exit.

  • Use of natural light to give bright, spacious interiors ensuring patients, visitors and staff are not in environments dependant on artificial light.
  • There will be a choice of waiting settings including cafes, open seating areas, and quiet, private areas. This will be enabled by pagers as well as personal calls for appointments. There will be specific provision made for teenagers and young adults within the overall spaces
  • Wherever possible, patients will have control over their environment (including choice of IV delivery location, control of temperature, lighting and noise level).
  • In times of personal crisis the building will support patients, for example in not having to leave difficult consultations and walk directly through busy areas of the building.
  • Inpatient rooms will be predominantly single occupancy and provide space for family and carers
  • It will be possible for relatives and carers to stay overnight with their loved ones where appropriate, while having access to some domestic facilities and refreshments.
  • Inpatient rooms will be at the top of the building so that patients have the best views over the beautiful surrounding countryside
  • There will be flexible, private spaces to sit and be quiet, or to have private conversations, including with clinicians, or other patients.

The final design of this new Cancer Centre has yet to be completed as part of the ‘design & build’ process. However, the concepts of land use, shape, overall size, facilities to be included, have been well established and are providing very positive foundations.

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Find out how the building will be designed around the patient journey, from the front door through to the exit.

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